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I came across this old thread about pop culture romanticism. Okay. And they were talking about just like things that pop culture tries to make seem good that shouldn't be you know, looked at his good. So for example. One of the examples that I had used to kind of help like get these guys going about where I was trying to go with this was. A character who has some kind of mental illness, and or disability who the story comes out in such a way to where that character is good at said thing because they have said illness or disability. It's like because you're for example, you had brought up earlier off Mike monk-. Oh, yeah. Monk? Yeah. The show monk, and it's like because he's obsessive about everything that is. What makes them a good detective? Right. And I'm like that's not how it's kind of exploiting his obsessive compulsive disorder. That's not how you know, mental illness and disorders and stuff work. Right. It doesn't make you a super anything. Like, an example. I use was that bin f- like movie the accountant where he is a high functioning form of autism. So that's supposed to make him super good at math, and he can kill people and learn karate real good and shit because he can process them formation differently. And I'm like that's not how any formal autism works, right? Sorry. Yeah. No work like that in that kind of bothers me. So what I did is I post them like tell me some of the things pop culture that you don't like that puck ultra romanticize is and tries to make seem good which aren't necessarily inherently good things. Right. And been wa I'll let you go ahead and gophers..

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