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Hi, I'm Rick Steves one of the few things certain about this corona virus pandemic is that this crisis will pass sooner or later it'll pass, and we'll be back to normal. And when that day comes, all of us will eagerly turn our pent up. Travel Dreams into smooth and bursting with fun reality. Let's continue to share. Our travel dreams together on travel with Rick Steves. Today on travel with Rick Steves are virtual travels. Bring us a millennials. Take on enjoying yourself in the Netherlands. Also stroll the sights on a guided walk around Edinburgh. Get a taste of that passionate atmosphere and end Lucia and go searching for Venus in the hour ahead. The. Netherlands seem to specialize in festivals. Fun Ways for the millennial generation to celebrate life to learn how we travelers of all ages can get it on the fun. We're joined in our studio by tour guide sisters, Yoda and Ruby Van Angles Dwarf who both happened to be millennials, Yoda and Ruby thanks for being here. For having us. You're actually twins. Ruby and Yoda and It's one of you older. Yes, maybe one minute older them a one minute older so Yoda. How do you to differ in your temperaments? Well I'm always told that Ruby, Nice. One Which is true? <hes> I am a little bit more direct assistance. Dutch people are think I'm <hes> a little bit more. Outspoken where we very patients and lovingly, and yeah, so you complement each other we do I think. Together the Dutch are famous for being direct. Yes, we are yeah. This is so fun to think about generational differences, and so on in America and what we call a baby boomer and you got in America people in their twenties and thirties or generate millennials do the Dutch <hes> look at generations in certain ways like that? Also? Yes, exactly the same we have baby. boomers are parents are a baby, boomers, and yeah, we're millennials, so millennials people in their twenties and thirties, gen-x people in their forties, baby boomers people in their fifties and sixties, baby boomers, being the most interesting and fun, loving and entertaining. Okay so tell me about the characteristics of millennials. In the Netherlands. Well, it's probably very similar. <hes> we are we millennials. Because we got handed everything to us right. We always learned where you're growing up. Everything is possible everything you wanted to do and instead of creating people who are very secure. What they WANNA do were all very insecure, and we're very well like I'm going to do and like every ten years. We changed jobs and <hes>. There's a lot of enterpreneurs so a lot of people who want to create their own little thing, but we're all sort of this known at were unhappy with everything because we can have everything we're unhappy. Little bit spoiled came easily old. Yes, and impatient. You want it now. Yes, and if you don't get it now, you'll go somewhere else. Yeah, we're own press. And we invented the burn out. Is! Still Alive and kicking. This is travel with Rick Steves. We're talking with Yoda angles store and her twin. WHO's one minute older? Ruby angles. Talking about millennials and when we think about having fun as tourists, we can learn a lot by having fun as millennials millennials love. It seems like in the Netherlands parties in vegetables. Yoda. What's what's an example of festival that a millennial looks forward to every year and Amsterdam? We Love, King's Day. That is one of our favorites. Once <hes>. It's not we do not have as many festivals in Amsterdam anymore more dough, so <hes> I'm stem because such a busy city <hes> day try to take people away from Amsterdam, so if you want to experience the holidays like King, stay or Liberation Day <hes>. It's better to go to one of the less bigger cities. Also. Just what what? What is it? You'd like to go to for one of these big. Go to Harlem, because the most I am from Harlem, so we always love Liberation Day that is in Harlem. It's known to have the biggest festival only ration- days that its fifth of May we got free from the Nazis and <hes> every year. We celebrate our freedom. It's just really fun with a lot of artists in music. Video of me. I remember the festival Yeah Amsterdam is getting so congested so touristy. I was there for a King's Day once and there's so many boats you could walk across the canal just from boat to boat. who was just solid votes in the canals, but people were certainly having a great time Ruby. Festival that you look forward to. What would it be every year? ooh I always look forward to the food festivals. There are many food festival also around to Amsterdam. And we have a shoeless that SURF SC fall in the neighborhood of Amsterdam <hes> where people go to, they have to take off their shoes and walk bare feet it. It's <hes> of course when festival Shula Festival. They have a lot of food everywhere. Fit of electro music seems okay. Let's me to one of these food festivals. Then okay. So, what kind of food would you be enjoying? You would be enjoying some Sushi macos, but also local foods like French fries. The real food festivals hundred stance. You can try a little bit of everything

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