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The headquarters of Slovakia's ruling party smear is rather subdued place. The party has been hemorrhaging support in the polls and look set to lose seats in the European election yet, the Smiths spokesman Yan mas- good insists this is no reasons Walter its policies, particularly on immigration in many of the euro, we can see criminality violence causes by the immigrants. He's handing the hand terrorism. Thank god. We have so many Muslims in Slovakia. You'll parties man is going down in the polls. You just dropped below twenty percent for the first time and some people argue that's because the attitude you'll outlining here the popular particularly with the new generation. I will say these does a temporary thing about these noting in trouble. Across the these elections are being seen as crucial in determining the continent's future. But here in Slovakia, the vote really does look to be both appointed to which direction this country will take and possibly a harbinger of conflicts to come Palmos. And now Stewart has some other stories from our news desk on a similar subject. The British government has said it will reintroduce the EU withdrawal Bill agreed. By the Prime Minister Theresa may in the first week of June. The prime minister's office said this was imperative if Britain most to leave the European Union before parliament some of break the deals already been defeated by parliament three times. This is may has been holding Tokes with the opposition party in an attempt to find across party compromise on the Brexit deal. But so far there's been little sign of progress. The Cannes film festival is good off to a hard hitting stop with his Jerry, president accusing world leaders of ruling with rage and anger and lies. Is the Mexican director of a hundred Gonzales in Yari to said preventing rhetoric around immigration, including the notion of a US, Mexico border wall could lead to another World, War and Australia. We'll take part in the final of the Eurovision song contest for the fifth year running up to making it through this year's first semi final. Sing a Kate Miller. Hide cut qualified with zero gravity puff opera combo. She performed in Tel Aviv while suspended in mid air. On a bend depot lead. The clad punk band had Tauro so went through for Iceland with their Doug techno track. Hate will prevail. Stewart. A town in Canada's western promise province of British Columbia is being plagued by a rather cocky minutes, while peacocks flock to the area in such large numbers. That sun residents living with them has become unbearable. Authorities have taken steps to remove the birds but some locals question. The effectiveness of the measures. Caroline, Rigby has more. With Sonny playmates peacocks often seen as symbols of vanity and pride. But for one community in British Columbia, these noisy beds are increasingly seen as pests foul in more ways than one remote to escape from a rural pro petite moved in a decade ago. They now over run Sullivan heights wedge, attended Shogo is a resident so with the next two or three weeks. You're going to see lots of like eggs everywhere around the house. Yeah. That's what happened this time of year time, smooth and a hundred file have been reported in the area and with spring they appear to be on the March again last year, the city council agreed to Trump and remove the beds that's involved. Enlisting. The help of ho minus as sorry Bino manager, Kim Marissa vich explains the pet some success with residents who've offered up their garages birds set up some food in the cars. Wait for the birds to enter shut the garage, but many continue to eight capture that's led some locals to question the effectiveness of the plan and even take matters into that own hands. One resident face fines, the cutting down the healthy tree without permits because he grew tired of the beds nesting in it. Noisy messy and at times aggressive facade P A, clearly nuisance, but others. Hey, count them as feathered friends, and as long as they continue to divide opinion within this community that shore to carry on ruffling feathers Garlan review, that's all from us. You listening to the newsroom. Distribution of the BBC World Service in the United States is made possible by American public media producer and distributor of a ward winning public radio content engaging audiences creating meaningful experiences and fostering conversations.

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