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Fucking this. fuck fuck. Fuck or anger an exclamation. that was such a good. Roy can impersonation from ted lhasa. Oh i haven't really watch much of it anyways going anyway. But i can't stand him he will say like let's talk or we god they could so dirty it literally means there is no emotion and like it was just like an act of two human body. It sounds like it wasn't making love. Yeah not that. I got expression like that expressions. Also creepy to me. Oh really what do you prefer. What is the preferred expression. Like having your quarterbacks have sacks yeah everything cropper view may grilling of like some guy tenderly tenderly kissing the league make. Yes yeah make love to sounds like really weird to me. Make love to me in. My head is like making a baby. I don't like. I don't like the fact that i love making. Love is in top gun when he looks slowly begins his her on the bed. Yeah yeah but also would be affected by the fact that as a kindergartener. My grandma said i'm making poopie. So don't say no. I don't say that ever making one. No grossed disgusting. I don't like i don't like people making anything. I guess you don't like any making bodily bodily thing. Yeah bottle you're like. Is your body doing that. This shampooing has got me stuck. I'm just thinking this like that. Lauren or no no dress right you that you say like let's say let's say i'm going to wash you out. That's what i say. So i guess you like ashley. Yeah yeah but i guess you out against every rule that you just said that you don't like walk you out why i don't know it doesn't sound like she's washing the color out so washington i don't know but it makes me think going someone says something else about like Oh come back to me. I gotta think about this. Comparison is going to drive me nuts. Okay i don't know if it's just me but like there's gotta be something that we can do to break up the monotony of life like i feel like the last year and a half. There hasn't been much going on and like i. I don't know i. I don't know if it's because i'm an aries and i just get bored easily. But there's constantly looking for things to simulate my brain and possibly stimulate other parts of my body case in point. Dipsy introducing dipsy dipsy is stimulated my mind and my body so much is serious guys and i i promise you. It'll break up the monotony of life and it'll make you feel less stress so if you've never heard of it it's this audio app full of shorts sexy stories and they're designed to turn you on so i mean this is for anyone because anyone should and can and if you want to Can masturbate but especially for all eu single people out there like me. I mean this is like you're invisible boyfriend before bed so the stories feature characters feel like real people and immersive scenarios. You honestly feel like you're right there. And i mean you could easily just close your eyes and pretend it's like harry styles talking to you you know..

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