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Smokers says it was actually bubbling behind the scenes for quite a while we've been trying to do this song for like a long time we're just waiting for like the right time and we we had it I mean this guys we actually hung out with them during a like the holiday shows yeah and have you seen these guys live yes I know it has to be reckoned with the reason we wanted to do a song with these guys is we've never had anything remotely close are in the dance world at all or song like this so is unique for us and it's challenging you know and a lot of people have heard you know the songs we usually put out that this is a different one for us in a in a feel special is the first time we've ever done anything like this all the guys in the road together as well ended up having one of twenty nineteen most successful tours sounds you chase focus of five seconds of summer Hootie a lot number thirty seven for the year coming up next we'll hear about Taylor swift switching it up for touring plans for her lover on that straight ahead in the nineteen we've got Knott's Mary farms tickets for you and your friends the holiday.

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