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And welcome back paranormal pets, I have my guest today. Shannon's spring. Hi, shannon. How are you doing? I am bread. How are you doing? We are doing pretty well. It's been a wild and crazy New Year's. But here we are in twenty nineteen and you are first interview of the new year. So congratulations and thank you. Thank you. Oh, we're delighted to have you. We actually met at interestingly enough, a Sarasota events that was talking about ouija boards. Right. It was actually pretty interesting because I'm not quite sure how our conversation started. But I think right in the middle of the session, we were making our ouija boards and talking about them, and and you turned around, and we started talking about animal communication. So you're perfect for this show. So let me let me start off by asking how long have you been doing animal communication longer than I had realized I have professionally been out of the closet for a year. And I had been doing it on my own without knowing it with my own dogs. So with my own dogs visiting me and dreams having promotions. And then just practicing with friends pets, and I finally started putting myself out there and getting some real cold cases. Oh, that's wild. So I mean, how did you get started? You said dreams and premonitions. But what really led you to understand that you were an animal communicator. It's funny after I had posted a lot of my own stories on Facebook people were saying, wow, this is really unusual, and it was sort of normal to me. But then I started realizing this is unique, and I was actually talking with a professional psychic who's not an animal communicator, she does human spirits, and I actually do both which sets me apart from some other animal communicators, and she said, Shannon, you're an animal communicator, and you don't yet know it and that got me very excited. And that's when I started signing up to take some medium ship training. Most of my training was with human spirits, and then I also went over to Scotland and studied animal in nature communication, and that's when it really blew wide open. So how do you know that you're an animal communicator? I mean, what was the indicator for your mentors? You that way? Yeah. Absolutely. Because I'm picking up on messages from my own animals and other people's. Animals. Do you want me to share a story with you or a shorter? Let's start with the story. Okay. So I started off actually teaching animal kindness. Classes my dogs, and I would visit schools, and we talk all about being kind to animals, and I was telling a story about my dog Duckie who is a black dog who is in heaven with sharing with kids about how black dogs have a hard time getting adopted how I really miss Ducky how she had just passed and within twenty four hours of Duckie passing. I also I saw two rainbow colored orbs like dancing cubes of light in front of me. And that was so exciting to me because I knew it was Duckie coming to visit then they got kicked up a huge notch. When I was teaching the summer camp. And I was talking about Duckie and was about to introduce a clip on a wildlife communicator named Anna Breytenbach, and as it was introducing this clip, I said, I really miss Duckie. I hear from her all the time, and I turned around to play this clip on YouTube and up out of nowhere came a photograph of my dog Duckie and heaven. I hadn't cute it up. It wasn't on my home screen. It was a photo. I hadn't seen in years and the kids all started chanting Duckie Duckie Duckie coming down from heaven to tell her mom that she loves her and we all smiled and enjoyed it than the photograph. Went away the kids would chant her name the photograph would reappear and this went on for a good five minutes actually have a little snippet of it are on my Facebook page mayor puppy pants, where I had the the kid kind to reenact what happened and we showed the photograph that Duckie dog from heaven literally came in as a guest speaker to teach animal communication. That's why your pets. Are it's nice. When they help you out right yet. My dog I have two dogs here on earth. And then my spirit team. I've got nine dogs up in heaven and one of the teachers at school. Let me practice on her. We did her dog who had developed some aggression issues. So the way that I knew that I was an animal communicators because I sat down to talk to animals, and I actually do all of my work so far by photograph. Do I do it in private I tune into their spirit. I listened to some Hemi sync music which aligns the right and left brain. And I start communicating just like I'm having a conversation with you. Now, I have a conversation with the photograph on my ipad of either an animal or human, and I started talking about her dog. And I said I understand that you your personality has changed a little bit. No judgment. We're just trying to figure out. Maybe why you're starting to have some aggression. Can you tell me about that? And the dog showed me poison sign, the, skull and bones. Then I said, okay. Well, that's the poison symbol of what is it? That's poisonous in your environment. And she said my food. So I said, well, what food is this? So we ended up getting the food, and it turns out that her food had the phenobarbitol drug in it had the Houston Asia drug. Oh my gosh. Yeah. So the dog was literally eating poison. And I relate this to the mom. So how did the dog notion was eating poison? That's hurts accents. And that's their awareness. And one of the greatest misconceptions that people have of their pets is that their knowledge is limited. They have unlimited knowledge they often recommend supplements to me that they need in their diet and keep in mind that science was one of my worst subjects. Medical information is not coming from Shannon's bring it's coming from a deeper place is another dog who was developing aggression issues. And it's because he was going blind. And he said that to me it was like we'll look at my eye and sure enough he was going blind in November's left or right. I, but the dog show me this they often tell me what's lacking in their diet. So the messages are coming from them. So how did the messages work is it something that's in your mind that you're hearing from them. A clear audience clairvoyants and Claire sunshine. So it's a feeling. I hear words loudly images. So the skull and bones was an image. One time a dog was showing me that there was domestic violence in the house, and he gave me both an image. The sometimes we'll dress themselves up in costumes to represent emotions. So they're not literally wearing these costumes, but I had a dog one time appear to me in a night costume, and he was flipping up and down the mask, and I said, well, what's that about? And he said danger danger. There's danger everywhere. And then I audibly heard check the husband's. Okay. So so they know us better than anybody knows us. That's something. Also that people don't understand that our dogs really kind of. No, excuse me. Not just I say dogs a lot because I'm a dog Mont, all I'm speaking of all animals here. So please know that you can substitute any animal. I don't mean to be species this. Okay. It's a real term that I learned myself. So that's a real thing that they know things about our past. They know our hopes and dreams that can also sometimes give us the best life advice we've ever gotten. It's really pretty wild. Once you understand that energy is energy. Whether it's a bird turtle tree or a human being that energy never dies. It's like downloading information from cloud. So I get my information and symbols words messages, sometimes songs movie titles cartoon characters. Yeah. You said you do I have recently acquired a tortoise name is Artemis. And it is like having a little old cranky person living in the house. Not to talk to you afterwards. There are very unusual. So all species. So it doesn't matter if it's reptile a rodent or canine. They're all communicate. It doesn't matter. And it's fact it's funny at the same time that I met you met a woman who had a turtle and she said to me, can you do a turtle, and I caught myself, and I quickly answered the question correctly and said, I don't see why not and there's actually a video about that on my website, Shannon's spring dot com that the turtle would actually one of my most interesting cases, and I had to get over my own judgment of thinking that a turtle wouldn't have as much to say as maybe a dog or a cat. And boy was I wrong. And I always ask my clients to give me a few questions to ask of their animal's. I only ask the most basic questions of them. So that I'm not gaining information other than their name the photograph their age and who lives in the household. That's basically all I ask. And of course, what is the challenge if they're having a challenge. What is the challenge? I ask my clients to provide me with some questions that they have of the animals one of the questions that I ask him all the animals, regardless of how happy they are. But they need happier. Turtle and the mom wanted to know what you need to be happier. And how does he feel about his dog? You've got your doggy targeting. Minor loudly in the background. I still have a grumble in the background. And there is not much. I can do with them. I can talk loud. I can tell you what the turtle came through and share which is pretty wild here. So I asked the turtle. I said what do and again, keep in mind. I am talking to my ipad same as I'm talking to you now with the photograph of the turtle and adding a very real conversation. And I said what is it that you need to be happier. And how do you feel about your dog siblings? First question, he shows me, a huge birthday party with streamers and balloons, and it had this name in alter his name for privacy verbs is it said Birt's birthday party. And I thought okay. This is weird. Even for me, this turtle wants a birthday party. This is crazy. Right. Okay. Birthday party. Okay. Not so crazy. And then I said, how do you feel about your dogs siblings? And he said, I'm not treated equally. I wanna be on the same playing field as the dogs when it be treated equally so I- deliver after tuning into the animals. I then do all of my messages, I deliver the messages the video chat video chatting with the mom. She kinda get some tears in her eyes. And I said, well, what is it? And she said, oh my gosh. I can't believe this. I can't believe he knows. She said Birt's birthday was two weeks ago. And we didn't do anything for him in just last week. We threw a huge birthday party for all the dogs. Oh,.

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