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Let's talk a little bit about Vince Carter twenty two years in the league and he retired so no more of insanity trademarks are trademarks com Roach on that Josh's during research for us did an incredible job of mighty Josh with this is amazing six degrees of separation for Vince Carter to the very first game played in NBA history hi tech support my glasses my readers on for this one please do in nineteen forty six Sonny Hertzberg played in that game he scored two points for the Knicks ani it was the Knicks against the Toronto Huskies sure November first nineteen forty six against Sonny Hertzberg played that game score two points for the Knicks host bird played with Bob Cousy with the Celtics in nineteen fifty Cousy played with Oscar Robertson with the Royals in sixty nine seventy Robertson played with Kareem Abdul Jabbar with the box from seventy to seventy four Abdul Jabbar played with a seeing green with the Lakers from eighty five eighty nine green played a dark events give the Mavericks in ninety eight and a vest he played with Vince Carter with the Mavericks from two thousand eleven to two thousand fourteen so Vince Carter's tied to Sonny Hertzberg who played in the very first NBA game I mean who didn't know that about fat is very large hell of a job my friend standing my friend that's where you go off for the weekend well done wow well done on your part okay and I just hit my helpful that's fine our goal going over with you so several red box market yes it is and they are there's a litany of them saw smart picks are red box this weekend is the ninety nine cent summer chill out sales wise to first night rentals select movies and select markets now through July fifth and there are a ton of movies out there of which are the the amount I've seen on the big movie guide yeah John wick chapter two Incredibles two is supposed you're really good at the once upon a time in Hollywood nights out not so good I I really really enjoyed not having it on I'm gonna say this and it it's not a spoiler okay because of the beauty of knives out as a movie is it's a who done it and you find out who did it in the first twenty minutes right and you still have a major mystery to unravel that's the coolest thing about I I really really short how about job delay and double tap Jesse was Jesse Eisenberg woody Harrelson Emma stone I've I need I love the first one I've been waiting for this one I thought it was absolutely great too I really dig it out the one I haven't seen on here that I really want to see is us which was the the the system the Jordan Peele movie he's he made get out right was there with it it freaked me out when I saw a trailer for it I have watched so maybe in the sanctity of my own home I might have to call to watch the movie where I can pause and rewind it if I need to also read the new the newest releases fresh from the theater at the box or on demand and certainly there are a lot of smart picks this weekend of things to watch off on the PGA the travelers when who mackenzie he shot a sixty yesterday ten under I'm really really interested in what he does today well we know he can swing a because this last round at the RBC heritage count because it was seventy eight on last Sunday it was the worst round of the tournament and then he comes back eighteen strokes better so there's a pendulum of possibilities for what mackenzie Hughes could shoot over the weekend that and three players are three back from him so I would I would imagine that one's going to get a little tighter and that this is a you played this course I have this is a course that you could you could really get to some laws there are numbers to be had out there actually in the fifth the for for those that don't know crumbled the TPC river highlands before finishing holes fifteen is a drivable par four but there's trees on the right and water on the left is is that the big dog like regular session or for short par four dogleg off on the dog I write yesterday that you want right over everything I forgot who was I also know our boy twenty feet ahead of three hundred fifty seven yard drive many laid off it I mean so so also the final four rules of that drive all of our for them to support three over water usually plays one hundred eighty yards the seventeenth hole is a dog went to the right but the pond is in play the entire time so how much you have to want to cut off foreign seventeen and then eighteen is a long uphill par four really great floral stretch in a pool or pond pool pompon be good for you okay and then we also have NASCAR NASCAR does a back to back for this weekend Saturday and Sunday at Pocono so they'll be doing that and we have the the NWSL the the women's soccer league is starting off in Utah yeah very interesting side note in that yeah but that Orlando team the Orlando pride member they went they were supposed to play in this challenge Cup and they went out and went to a bar in Florida yes a bunch of play there's did a trait they contact trace it back to this bar where there was no social distancing and nobody was wearing masks and apparently what six members of the team included players and staff right apparently tested positive well they tested a few days later and now those tests were negative so they're getting another test going forward to figure out whether they actually positive or negative look this whole thing is just so confusing and it's it's certainly speaks sort of everything we're dealing with with this pandemic it feels like all the stuff changes all the time here so they're trying to figure out whether or not those those players and those members of the staff of the Orlando pride of the NWSL actually tested positive or did test positive for group in nineteen so we got out we only symptomatic another sports going there with the women's soccer and we're we're about a week away from you know player started to report back to their cities before they fly to Orlando in the NBA so we're getting closer closer we've listed all the sports that are going to be going on in the month of July yeah and that's just all starting in July and will certainly carry into the months going ahead so as as positive tests go up around the country I can emphasize that emphasize this enough I understand the hospitalizations and ultimately the deaths are the thing that that that people look at and I understand that and that's the problem Texas but with the worst obviously is when we're losing people over this but I continue to say in sports it's really it's just the positive tests that can cost you right I mean because if if that spreads it we get multiple players on teams that team is gonna have a very tough time playing so that's what everybody is trying to stop as some gore gore bobbled some aren't going to a bubble and we get closer and closer to the seams actually what we're we're getting quite close to the practical application now everybody has a memo everybody has our protocols everybody has it written down colleges have really started this with the athletes that have come back and they're doing the testing to get the positives working through that but some of the pro sports are going to start to do that each player starts to either get back to this I said to their facilities are going to the ball well they're going to go to where the the memo actually becomes a practical application sheet up okay this is really happening now and the the Kendricks part the kind of programs but we had one of the rejoins was just great he's like I'm sorry ma'am but these players are going to follow those protocols that that's going to be the thing the responsibility of the leads in the testing protocols and then the responsibilities that fall on the players are and what they follow which we found on the PGA took up all of one week just awful summer the first practice residency guys move large really move apart just came back so we'll see what happens there is more sports continue to return on Monday we'll have Mike Tannenbaum will also of course have who won the weekend Hey everybody have a great weekend be safe out there and we'll see you Monday morning thanks for Hey good.

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