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Caught offside. With Edgar gundling and JJ davani. Oh. Yes. Caught offside. On the suburbs of New York City in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York, Andrew gundling, JJ devani. What's up, brother? Oh, I'm excited for this podcast, Andrew. Yeah, you're not kidding. This should be a lot of fun. We talked about it earlier in the week. And sure enough, in a little bit, second part of the podcast. I'm going to speak with a soccer legend from over in England. Ian Wright, who's actually in New York, currently. As part of the UK's great calling campaign, so we'll talk to him about that about arsenal about his time with England. We'll get into everything. With him. That should be, that should be really a lot of fun. Yeah, and everything else is happening in the world. It feels as if I don't know. This time last year with the Super League we thought it can't get busier than this. Well, it really can. Yeah, it really can. We'll talk obviously about the situation at Chelsea and what's now happening with the sanctions against Roman Abramovich and his frozen assets. It's so funny because we don't like, we don't soccer teams are so integral to communities and to like our lives are enjoyment. Like we watch, we don't think of them as an asset. Like it's, you know, it's not like it's not like a Rolex watch, but like they're an asset for Roman Abramovich. And when you freeze assets, they all get frozen. And Chelsea was not immune. No. And as Matthew said pointed out in a video that I think was some years ago, it wasn't just for love of football that Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea. There was a time when he may have had to put money into something where he could protect that money. And that place was Chelsea football club. And it is, it's hard to know exactly how this is going to change that club. But it will. It undoubtedly will, and a lot of those changes Chelsea are going to be feeling quickly. So we're going to talk about that shortly. I know there were some people asking us yesterday that wanting us to do an emergency pod for it. It was considered, but we knew we were recording today with Ian right, so we thought, you know what? We'll take a day. We'll digest it and we'll do all of it together on Friday podcast, which is where we are now, JJ. But we wanted to start with soccer. Real soccer. Kicking a ball on grass. Man running around. That's exactly what happened. A couple days ago in Madrid. Wow. What a Champions League night that was as Real Madrid. I think it'd have to say, I mean, I know it's Real Madrid. I know they're probably going to win, but it was stunning to watch how that played out. When PSG has a lead and they're playing the way that they were playing for roughly the first, what would you say, 60 minutes of that game? Yeah. You know, even though it was even though it was still there, it wasn't entirely out of reach. It sure felt like it for the vast majority of that game. And then you blinked your eyes and bang, gone. When Killian and bappe raced through for the off site goal that we thought was going to make a tuna, then we saw it was clearly offside. If I had told you at that point, this is going to swing rapidly in the other direction. In fact, it's going to be one of de gray collapses since the last great PSG collapsed 5 or 6 years ago in the new camp against Barcelona. You wouldn't have believed it. What had happened and this is one of the most memorable Real Madrid combat, but I mean, we've seen particularly in their years of dominance with Ronaldo. We've seen games where they should have been beaten, but they endured and they continued on in the knockout stages. But this game was it felt beyond them because I think in our naivety, we thought that PSG had moved on from this brittle, this brittle setup of players that they were beyond that, which was just a crazy thing to think, because it hadn't been tested. And the minute it was tested, they fell apart. At the seams. And it wasn't just the front three Andrew. It went throughout the team, from the goalkeeper to the center backs to the midfielders and to that front three who were anonymous. They only managed what. After the equalizing goal, one shot after that, it was a wave of white shirts getting forward. It was a spectacular collapse. It was. This will be the 18th quarter final appearance for Real Madrid. Only Bayern Munich have more with 20. So, you know, you wonder about this. How did they pull it off? How did this happen? You know, you touched on a couple of the things there. I would say, first off, for Real Madrid, a little bit of good fortune. And that's fair. That's not a knock against them, but Mbappé was not far off from having a hat trick in this game, if not for two relatively narrow offside calls. The right calls, I don't think anybody would debate them. But, you know, it's close. And he scored on them, and he's a tremendous finisher when he gets in space. His ability, JJ, just watching him. You know, I've seen him do this before. His ability to kind of like make the goalkeeper think that he's going like far post and then bring it back to the near post. He's such a unique fan. He opens his body up like you kind of think you know where that ball's going. His ability to kind of juke a goalkeeper is a something. In full flight Andrew, he's terrifying because he does this thing where he often just lets the ball run between his legs and he's doing his legs are doing the faking. The ball is kind of not involved. But if you go for it, he's gone by you. It'll suddenly become involved again. And Courtois was just sold a complete pop there. And he slides at home. And that's another element it is. When he's in that devastating form, by the way, we taught he had a foot injury. We all saw the footage of him getting stamped on, really didn't seem to affect him at all. But when he's in that kind of form, you'd think this is over. And you know, Caravaggio was so high, there was so much space in behind. It beggars belief that he ended up on the losing team. It really does. That's the other side of this too, which you kind of also touched on. You know, we've said this before about any number of teams. We've talked about it once with villa. I think we talked about it with arsenal before. And now we're talking about with PSG. It's just amazing how far you can go. If you just don't beat yourself, just be normal. Yeah. And like this is a comeback that doesn't happen, if not for some carelessness from the PSG goalkeeper, Donna Roma at the back, and then on the second goal, Neymar with a costly giveaway that sprung Real Madrid's attack back the other way, which led to the second goal. PSG has they've had 5 errors leading to goals in the Champions League since 2017, 18 four of them in knockout stage rounds..

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