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Then a law enforcement officer sign now you ever come across one of those politicians who fills you with an uncontrollable urge to punch them in the throat and it's all about the truth about protecting our state a dividing america there's been a lot of concern about people foreign people who so division discord now we have the attorneygeneral doing precisely that this is the time to build bridges not walls when you write that by yourself to pull americans together not set us apart and like so many in the trump administration this attorney general has no regard for the truth what are you said earlier today is not true except for all the stuff that lies it is ally and but what can i say we've seen in the trump administration you know what i can't take any more just pick them up and throw him in the dumpster will you we've seen that's ever heard on tony cavs today edgar maddie my goodness gracious how we turn her to a character what are what are we have going on there we will we will bring more matti to you a day in and day out i want to know if you agree or disagree twothree 993 93 are we about to see a giant backlash and a backlash against the parkland kids now shouldn't be against the actual kids although i do think that quite a few of them a you you've seen the david haji juicing of this cameron caskey i think his name is emma i dunno her last name and and i just don't know her last night and and and uh they they become the celebrities of parkland that's a horrible way to put it i mean we can't forget we shouldn't forget.

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