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Nazis are the most stupid bowman man i'll tell you what this is one of the most aggressive campaigns i've ever seen for game because wolfensohn to has gone up my yarn hey let's really make our number two eve vaccari has updated is putting on an update so this is interesting because you went through different site yeah bringing the on article i brought in the playstation blog where i went there it's like oh evacuees getting this new update warzone as an expansion great but then the place issue blog kind of buried what i think the leader of the story was right you brought brought in the polygon article let me read a little bit up for you what happened is evacuees dropping the vr requirement cb games will release an update for evoke reince september that is that it describes as a complete overhaul for the first person space ship shooter in addition a new maps new weapons at abilities for ships eve vaccari warzone expansion dot dot dot no longer will the game require a vr had set to play playstation 4 and playstations is a quote nasser playstation foreign playstation vr gamers will be able to fly and fight alongside each other in evac reward zone both in and out of virtual reality ccp games lead game designer andrew wounds wrote on the playstation blog on the eve i'll khury website ccp confirmed that the wars and expansion is coming to the windows pcs version as well on september twenty six evac reward zone will be free updates for the existing owners of the game ccp is also lowering the game price from 3999 to 2999 and it goes on a few of the other enhancements shifts and things that what is your take though that are dropping the price in the drop in the vr.

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