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A visual in your mind. You had mental pictures. Yeah. I know I know. So we are thinkers, right? I mean, we're not necessarily great thinkers, but we are pledged to pursue the challenges and opportunities before us by consideration and reasoning and thinking things through and so we're in this strange new world the world of the sex robots something that is fabricated to someone's sexual ideal. Certainly with exaggerated features appendages, whatever what is this about us is it simply an extension of what human beings have always been doing. I mean, sex toys are nothing new. Of course, the human condition is no stranger to using a coutry mints to enhance or provide at least the sexual experience. You see that article in the register about the German science team they discovered a twenty eight thousand year old sculpted painless. They were excavating in the an I shit, you not whole Fels cave, and they extracted this member this twenty centimeter sculpture, which the science team said was quote, highly polished, it's going to leave that out there. Okay. But it's apparent that this dildo. This silt stone dildo was used for some sort of sexual play or pleasure twenty eight thousand years ago, and you know, that as the human condition is at least one hundred thousand years old, you know, that as long as we have had creativity and sexuality that people have been doing all kinds of things at all kinds of ways. Well, flash forward through the innovation and technology of the modern day. Actually, this story is about seven or eight years old. But it just in the last few days made another resurgence. And so I'm talking about it because it's relevant because I've seen it. Shared so many times in China. A medical equipment company called San way developed the semen collection machine. Now, I guess this could be used as a sex toy. I mean, that's really what it's designed to do. It's designed to simulate the feeling of sex. Let me try to describe without being too graphic. Okay. This thing's a kiosk. It's like a kiosk that you would see at a retail outlet. It is white. It has a little control panel on top and then at penis level. And this is a justifiable for the varying heights of peanut I in the wild. You have a pink cylinder. And inside the cylinder is what is being referred to as a simulated the Jainal environment. There was an article in men's health about this titled we need to talk about that haunting blowjob machine viral video. Honestly, I looked at it. And all I see is the Sarlak from return of the jet. I you know, the sand monster with the teeth. Oh, but it talks about this thing, and you can go Google search and see it for yourself. The sperm collector can simulate the Jainal environment and through massage twitching sucking by brazen it cetera act upon the human penis, which can make semen collection fast and safe. There's a Twitter thread about this story that includes a link to an online store called Alibaba where the s w with thirty seven.

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