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Down another rabbit. I was gonNA say so now. Now that this book is out and then you're talking about kind of how to adopt it and what's next in that. Do you have any desire to look into a new mystery. Yeah well I mean I left substantial reporting about the RFK assassination hand and obviously if people have read the bug and see there are parallels and not only that it was literally a year and like two months before the Tate Labianca murders same city same. Da's same cops And I found out a lot of really important information and at one point was going to be part of the book and then we finally decided so that book I think is five hundred and some pages little brown. The contract only wanted less than three hundred. Because it's hard to sell. I don't think they knew they were dealing with. They were great. I mean when when we got to I think about four fifty or something or for sixty. I was so pleased then I had to do the notes and they said we'll give you about ten pages and I don't know no one hundred and they're so you crazy. We gave an extra one hundred and fifty so I ended up getting being funny pages. We got it to sixty event notes at the back. And that's the most important part of the book to me because it shows all my sourcing and you know the depth of it but the case her hands stuff that could be a book in and of itself. And there's other stuff that I did find out connected to at the same scene in Hollywood sixty nine that ended up not having any relevance or connection but I found out some amazing singular like standalone store. Answer the most interesting part of the signing driving around. La and skirts very cinematic. And it's like the book is cinematic because it's framed that way like now I gotta drive to the valley drive to Dan. Hannukah rooftop. Yeah it's very like a Raymond Chandler novel I like that. That's a nice comparison guy who's doing the adaptation for the movie spent about a week with me about a month ago and I said Oh my God you're gonNa have a nervous average breakdown to and he said I just. I don't this we're not supposed to say is I wanted it to be a limited series. We sold it to Amazon and they wanted to be a feature film and this guy is a big deal. He's like but I don't know how to you know compress the story twenty ears and to two hours. So that's my life didn't do it in a book and now you're trying to figure it out. I wanted it to be like a limited series. His and I actually think he's at the end of the week. He had a good angle on it. But now I have to wait and see the first draft and I'm a little nervous about that Zodiacal. The accolade to is like a lot of people say that I guess his obsession that was. I can't remember enough. It was a cop and the journalist analyst journalist but also the same thing where like it drives everybody to Mattis. Let's contagious because once you start to realize that this is true then all of a sudden got it Tom. Tom What do you do to decompress. What are you watching your off time when you were doing this? They had like really bad. You know bad part anything. That could really be dramatic enough to let me I. Oh I think about it. I What do I watch on in movies and TV I kind of liked detective dramas stuff I mostly the only watch streaming now? Because I need to see stuff that seems as re I finally started watching succession so I'm actually got like I'm I'm going to death valley tomorrow. I've never been to the Barker ranch where they were captured. And the COP if you get near the end of the book. Paul Dusty was a cadaver dog cop who thinks he has sites in the around the two ranches. He's been trying to get me to go there for ten years and I finally agreed to go tomorrow. So I'M GONNA go for two or three days but I'm supposed to go out tonight and I'm like I'm not gonna I'm not GonNa Finish accession..

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