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12 23 constant effect. It is the story of life and the story of the traffic report right now, The Subaru retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes. Kevin explain. Yeah. Toughest right of south of town here Down on route 24. If you had a 24, south bound, left lane guardrail work here at 1 39 and Stones got traffic back about a mile. Now stay to the right to get around them. Once you do, you're going to get more delays here. Down in West Bridgewater Approaching the right lane closure after Route 10 Sixes. Cleanup continues from that earlier car fire two left lanes are getting by now. If you're heading north ballot route 24. You got about a two mile back up into the left lane. Work crews after 1 39 in stone, so tough go both directions here on route 20 Foreign student and in the West Bridgewater, Route three North bound your stalled out from the Bergen Parkway here in Braintree getting up to the right lane work crews on that ramp. 93 South bound expressways, looking pretty good, both directions. If you're heading route one north here in the Revere stretch, you're tied up getting by right lane Bridge work after Route 60 and Revere upto Lynch Street just that left lanes getting by their once you clear them. You're okay up in the Lynnfield Tunnel downtown Boston, looking good on the lower decks take umbrage as well. Both directions on the lever connector. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes are, Kevin. Thank you. So looks like we're in the four reason spots. South Shore Marshfield Right now, Sonny and 43 to give 43 degrees. Bob Larson joins us now live with a look at the forecast sponsored by the North Atlantic States Carpenters union. Hello..

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