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Roman Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Georgia Republican has come under fire for past comments supporting various conspiracy theories. CNN reporting 11 House Republicans voted for her removal tonight. State Attorney General Group here. Gray Wall has announced criminal charges against three now suspended male corrections officers for an incident January 12th at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in Hunterdon County, The states on Lee Women's prison Governor Murphy caused the allegations of Horned Meanwhile, just 413 students don't have either computer, Internet connective, itty or both needed to participate in remote instruction. In March, that number was at about 231,000 students. The governor says of the 413 266 need devices, 132 need Internet access and 15 need. Both. These students also are not clustered in one specific school or district, and the department will continue to work with the educational leaders in these schools to get these students What they're lacking, Murphy says. We can provide a 21st century education if any significant percentage of our students don't even have 21st century tools. State law allows some people covered by extreme risk protection orders or charged with domestic violence to get their guns back without family members. Knowing Assemblywoman Valerie Vignery huddle says that should change. I believe that policy makers we must do everything to address the issues and keep them safe. And make sure that victims can safely remove themselves from the situation I build. Advancing in the assembly would require prosecutors to give it least 10 days notice to family members or those who filed for the protection order. Kentucky officer charged in the Briana Taylor shooting is asking to have his trial moved. Bread Hankerson is accused of endangering neighbors when he and two other cops open fire on the 26 year old has attorney says a fair trial will be impossible due to the publicity..

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