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ABC News. I'm Jim Ryan Theo investigation into former President Trump and his business dealings reaches another level, The Manhattan district attorney's office has convened a special grand jury to look into evidence. It could lead to Trump or his business associates facing criminal charges. ABC chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl with reaction. Trump is out with a statement of familiar sounding statement in responding to this quote. This is purely political and the front to the almost 75 million voters who supported me in the presidential election and it's beach. It's being driven by highly partisan Democratic prosecutors. US representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a big supporter of President Trump is comparing vaccine mandates toe how Jews were treated in the Holocaust. Some Democrats are calling for her censure or her expulsion. She says she will not apologize for the statement. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has arrived in Egypt as he continues efforts to keep in place the ceasefire brokered between Israel and Hamas. This is ABC News, a major oil company is being ordered to slash its carbon emissions. Dutch court has told Royal Dutch Shell that it needs to cut emissions by 45% in the coming nine years. The court says the oil company's current plans for reductions don't go far enough. Rest in Italy after all weekend cable car crash that left 14 people dead and one child fighting for his life, maybe sees Megan Williams has the story from Rome Three people in northern Italy are under arrest in connection with the cable car crash that killed 14 people. On Sunday. Italian police say At least one person questioned overnight admitted to what happened that the clamp had been intentionally placed on the break as a patchwork repair to stop it from engaging because it was breaking spontaneously and interrupting the movement of the cable cars. Cable snapped on Sunday, causing a car with 15 people on board to plummet down the slope until it hit trees. The sole survivor of five year old Israeli boy remains in critical condition. Megan Williams. ABC NEWS Rome and I'm Jim Ryan..

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