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And i just had the same experience in it. Which is we both look for our copy of goodnight moon and found that it had been called at some point. I went upstairs and asked her. Where's your where's goodnight moon. And she was like that's for babies she she senator goodwill not me but also the kids have heard it a hundred times. Probably bike you. You're like why. Do i even own this in my psyche. Yeah and when you. When we couldn't find it i think i said don't worry i know it. It's a fairly recent addition to the cannon it was written in nineteen forty seven and only sold six thousand copies. It was a it was It probably sold less in the year. It came out than any subsequent year. In fact i do not remember from my childhood. Do you i do. And i'm on. The part of the second generation raised in having been written in nineteen forty. Seven boomers are parents could not yours but parents have people. Our age could have grown up being held asleep by goodnight moon. And we were. My dad was in our in. Our kids are well. He could have been weld asleep by that or by his contracts affects But it was It was not a hit. At first it was the kind of thing that it kinda snowballed like for many the new york public library the chief the head librarian there or at least the head children library and carol more famously. Hated it And refuse to shelve it so the new york public library would not have a copy of this of now what you would think of is the greatest children's book of its aim so this is This is the moby dick of children's literature. Because it's yeah can't appreciate at the time sixty years after its yes sounding except that it's not the moby dick because it's only one hundred thirty two words long it's hard to think of a more a less moby. Dick minimalistic repetitive children's book. And maybe that's why. Maybe that's some you know it's often spoken of as if it's it's got some almost mystical appeal in connection to children that just transcends anything about the words or the pictures like there's something incantatory about it the way it can kind of produce sleep and change mood. I'm surprised that it has one hundred and thirty two words. I wouldn't have guessed it had that many that counts repetitions. Those are not hundred thirty. Two distinct words i see. That's the total length of the book. If you put in a word processor high. C and moon is forty of those work. Good night i think is used as one word and it's half of them But yeah it's often it's often. It's often discussed how you just the way. It appears to connect with kids on this weird psychological level that an adult can't even understand that as a result it's far from even though it's far from its success in nineteen forty seven today it sold forty million copies it's been translated into dozens of languages and Spawned dozens of ironic parodies goodnight ipad and so forth. I've had. I've had a few those gotten a few of those as gifts. You know when you're young dad. People are like oh. Here's your young dad handbook. You're like yeah and you know. Good night moon really appeals to the child whereas you'd go the f. to sleep. Yeah the jillian selling go the after sleep whenever that was ten years ago. That's clearly apparent joke. On other parents ha- that has nothing to do with the experience of childhood or bedtime. At all i have a. I have a personal relationship. With adam months bach the writer. How author of go go the sleep. How do you know them. I was hosting a series of author interviews at bumper shoot and he was one of the authors who came through. He had written a book at the time called. Rages back and ray children's book. No you know he he He is an author and was reading adult books and so we were up on stage together. And i had i had. I don't think i met him before he came out on the stage and he sat down and he went to columbia. He's a whole you know like a like a one of these people that if you read his bio he seems like a certain kind of author you're about to encounter on stage and came out sat down in the chair and the way he speaks yo so then you know like i was seeing. I took this dude. And i was like what. Say what and so he talked for a while in answer to that. My first couple of questions and i was so befuddled. Are you doing a bit well. So i said to him. What are you doing in front of us big audience and he was like what do you. What are you talking about. And i was like. Why are you talking by. He's keeping a real john and then we had this whole conversation about like yo. That's where i'm from dog. I'm from the you know. I was like are you though i mean. Didn't you columbia. Art go to rutgers. And he's like yo yo but is from the main streets of elizabeth new jersey or something. I don't know. I my sense is i. Don't honestly i don't know i'm surprised. That columbia university didn't beat it out of him but for whatever reason. I thought that he would be very offended by this experience of me. Like kind of interrogating his his. He's a jewish guy. You know from Cringing a little already. I wasn't there but he didn't mind so the next time he was coming through seattle he was giving a talk at a at townhall about his subsequent book. And he was like y'all want that rodrick dude back and so he like asked me and i i was his interlocutor at that event. To let the record show. You're doing kind of the hand things you probably did when you were in the White fresh crews. I'm doing the beastie boys like yo yo but then he realized i think that his his serious adult books did not do because he wrote go the f. to sleep like in an afternoon to source like it'd be funny. That's it's why when celebrities write books. They're always children's storybooks. Yeah because you can. You can do it in six hours. But he's subsequently written seriously just go to sleep was his follow up and then you have to effing eat and then seriously you have to eat and then f. which is what i'm saying now instead of the word. What a good dan f. Now there are two of you which presumably is about having a second child to have a gift for the second baby shower if you gave them go to sleep the first time and then his most recent humor book is field guide to the jewish people which he co wrote with. Adam allen's weeble an dave berry jewish person. I've ever cloth from miami though he's observed them in their habitat but anyway i thought he was extremely charming guy. I don't even mind when that happens to like you know what your publisher wants to sell another six million books so you know go with god. Yeah now you really have to effing eat but continue to go after sleep. I'm super happy for him. He's like a like super nice guy. I wonder if he's still is like. Is it like your think dinner. A go after sleep story. Yeah rogue one. I mean this type of thing. You could write these books on the bus right. And but i don't know what when we talk about. Good night moon. How much child. Psychology behind the book. it's the author lived to see her success. Yes except well not really. Actually you know the the author was successful in her lifetime. Lived a fascinating life. We'll get into margaret wise brown but she also also died. The book didn't even get into the new york public library until nineteen seventy. Two librarian had to retire that book the gatekeeper whereas margaret wise brown was respected children's author..

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