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Important thing hopefully you could Kyle new Quinnipiac poll despite the acquittal voters say fifty five percent to forty percent of the Senate voting to put trump is not clear him of any wrongdoing in the Ukraine matter so you just wait like truck the column also got a little older after from Demichelis look we no no I just did my WTF Mitch that would be it's going to be a disaster for Democrats everybody talks okay mom I showed steady okay the process of a villain in the turtle yeah what people interesting takes on the Bloomberg thing Hawaii Hawaii Delia said you can on Bloomberg all you like and believe me the billionaire's not my guy but the reason he's on a surge is not just because of his billions in the abstract because he's funding expressly anti trump ads is here to take on the biggest motivator for Democrats trump hoping down ticket Democrats and will continue to spend all that money and keep campaign if he's not the nominee yeah that is putting your money where your mouth is for that matter who so that that's one thing I like and I know people love to hate on billionaires but people don't vote on money they put a message in his message seems to be resonating with people because he's not attacking other Democrats he is acting like trump and he's going out I'm hard to help very hard and it's yeah I that I like arm blah blah blah blah yellowhammer was one more David corn is on the grass is just doesn't it also like when they do the the sort of like whether to MSNBC rubber just like instant polls of people in the room starts to make you crazy good goalie I just think those are it's hard to say what's going to happen while the polls are all over the place the records and just spoke to a long time Bernie supporters voting for cloture he shares all of Xander's policy views voted for twenty sixteen but thinks they're too far out for Bernie to wins we once a progressive moderate who is more energy than by noon and that same meanwhile I again you think that the Warren who's closer to be politically but I don't you know how yeah I I mean it is it is it is hard to say what people's thinking and a lot of them it's it's I think they're saying as long as the people have been undecided some people yes they still like I just don't know I still don't know until I get in the in the voting booth right and a California we have eleven days to vote and its vote centers and not a polling place and it's different so check it out make sure you know different this year I got my it is it's a little confusing and it's a really redefining back it's not going to be the same as your user but you have eleven days from February twenty second until March third okay good now and you go to the center not necessarily the same place you've gone to now I like to go to my same place right meet the cast of cocoon and we have the same conversation I may not what you have to check okay I will do that for okay I don't get out much so it's like my one social event of the year if you go talk to Wilford Brimley sign in yeah yeah yeah song soak in the pool with them a little bit I feel younger look younger they last year nearly a nap you just take it don't have sex with him Cronin favorite part now he is a Bob forty eight minutes after the hour this now that he has put away that's what I mean bobcat this one hole one of the dark it's portion brought you by I take care of yourself you take care of we would still have you quoted listen I lost friends last year I'm doing a whole three said that I've been talking about right and friends with all kinds of the the health stuff that you can you can all you can do is take care of yourself there that's were take.

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