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And our children's future depends upon it. You know what this is kind of the way you take small bites the apple and realized everybody takes that bite then the apples right? The apple's done. You throw the core away. But everybody takes bite. The core is the recall in so i. do what we need though is. We need to have those third party groups, or some of those other people out there who know how to kind of pull big things together to to recognize that this is something that I think is doable now. Someone just emailed me and said well if we recall. Recall Tony vs that mean. We have Mandela Barnes the Lesser Mandela. Would he be governor? Know if we if we were successful in in recalling Tony Evers, it would tee up a special election. Tony ears would run against another candidate. That's what would happen. Let's go to Joe I think in Beaver Dam. Hard time seeing my screen. I think it's Joe Hi Joe. Just wondering though, and you just hit on. That point is who are we to put up against Tony? I gotTA TAKE! Let's just throw some names out all right. Let's throw some names out here David, Clarke Rebecca Klay. Fish Leah Vouk mayor. You know anybody else Geez I mean. We've got some people who are who are otherwise occupied right now, so we could. We probably could find Sean Duffy. Sean? Duffy is right now. Otherwise occupied. I think we could find a pretty dynamic person. In the event that we're successful and again, even if you're not successful, then you've you've your. Goal is to keep McKenna. O! I'll tell you what I. Tell You. What if nobody else wants the job and in people are successful in doing this then you know if everyone else takes a pass. I I I'll be your huckleberry. Governor, Vic. Thanks man I the call. I appreciate the call. There's a ton of dynamic conservatives tons. That and again remember I. Don't WanNa I. DON'T WANNA. Tell you. This is a sure thing, but it's not it's. It's not an insurmountable. Mountain. This isn't and I like to use this analogy that I created myself called. It's not roller skating backward up a mountain. That's not what it is. It is a difficult task that would require an enormous amount of enthusiasm from the Republicans, but. Are you enthusiastic? Do you see what's happening to your country? Do you see what's happening to your state? Do you see what is happening to American cities? Do you see what is potentially coming next? Milwaukee announced today that it was going to deny the Milwaukee Police Department dollars to purchase tear gas for crowd control at the DNC so presumably the city of Milwaukee wants to see occupation and Bernie Bros..

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