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Got. An. Amazing Brain. And the reason that we wanted to do. A special episode dedicated to the documentary as because we wanted everyone to hear from you guys and hopefully entice more people who may not even know his name to watch the documentary because I feel that when you see it, you understand just how significant he was too. Damn near everything. And and you do all keep him alive youthfully. While still of course doing your own thing creating and making new music every day it's And I feel that we're very lucky in extreme very proud of dawn for. The though he never takes credit no matter how much I try to pound it into him. You know it's just his way but maybe. We I think. I, think we just stop crying as I. Say it even in thinking about it it brings me to tears, but it's very special and and your openness in it. Talking about those dreams talking about the heartbreak it's it's extremely honest and very talkative you to be willing to share I. Just it's just happens. I was sitting in the studio with don talking for hours and. Yeah Yeah. I remember the experience of. You know what? Howard it just past. You know a few months before we had the premiere of beauty and the beasts near you get to the end and you dedication to Howard is like. An and and I can't I can't play proud of your boy beauty and the beast without you know thinking of him and feeling the moment of creation But of course. You know we go on with our lives. and. It's part of the fabric. Of all of our lives. And you opposite we all want to concentrate on the blessing it is and not the the sadness of the. Story hurts. The blessing is that we all have this music in our lives and that again in watching this I obviously I love part of your world now and has another meaning and hearing him sing it. It's you know it takes it somewhere else and I feel very lucky that we got to know him a little bit through this fill. The film really does capture. At least it seems to us it does capture him. Very much just the work he did but who he was. It's Very. Very, personal film that's May sound redundant but I oh, it's very personal. And you know. And you know and it's In a way to tip of the iceberg because there's So many stories I. Think of Moments Perez Poignant. We're Howard. You could feel how he felt humiliated by what this was doing to him..

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