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Here's the thing. What do wrestling fans walt. They want to believe they wanna believe that. It's real to you to the wrestler. And i'm telling you it was one of the most. It was using an incredible trauma. It really was. It was great. Bowman man was a great promo or eat talked about the history of wrestling turns until totally to take as much time as he needed. Yeah and i'll tell you one thing that i really liked about. It was in the past. If you decide to somebody else take as much time as you need to spent ten more minutes and ruined it. Yeah totally didn't he essay. Kelly said exactly what needs to be said. He didn't say too much. It was great. It was great that whole that show. I'm really enjoying some of it. I don't you know a little goofy The young bucks dad. Getting beat up goof in see that But honestly a lot of the stuff. The young bucks do now is coming off as kinda hokey man. Yeah so and. I'm not a young hader right like a lot of people but some of the stuff i the last time i was kind of trying to keep up with what was going. Ovalles youtube clips. I thought they were heels right now. All of a sudden they're not right. Nobody knows go back to the promo. It seemed to me like there were a couple of things said in that promo. There's some there's some behind the scene something okay because Dash says you know who that is over. It's jj dylan doolittle research. Show some respect. It makes me think that there was somebody there. Jj deal. I have no doubt that was a big. If you remember a few years ago there was a story that came out about enzo morale. Yeah no one who manny fernandez right. When they were sitting around having a conversation so i have no doubt that there are people involved in the wrestling business. That don't know. Jj and a lot of these young guys who were in their twenties they didn't see that it's unreal into kinda. Give them they have it. They didn't grow up watching. Jim crockett promotions. I think i agree But if you're going to be in that business at a high level right with the wwe network today and then they bring in shawn spears. I was a good return for his. I think some wondering who their fourth guy's gonna be and then the deal when our comes out. Yeah great which which leads me to believe me. Yeah is cody c. But that's too obvious. All right. So i have put that out to several people who have connections. No let's just call. And they've said cody has nightmare fan. That's his faction. He's not going to be in another faction. I've thrown out adam page. I've thrown out all. These aren't son coming in here. That natural year training with load good fit. Well they didn't have to do cast on orange he's also looks like he's forty years he's seventeen or eighteen. It looks like he's ready for iraq and arn anderson was born with a bolt spotify. But there's also you know They signed paul white. Which is it's a. it's a big deal man. That's a big hit for them and he come out and made an announcement that somebody else is going to be debut in this sunday night. Right a hall of fame caliber tara so everybody immediately thinks punk. I don't think punked..

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