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Eight forty five time to award round to MIR Boehner's and around two of the Boehner voting is brought to you in part by some potato salad. Why are you saying like that? I don't know. Do I have to have a reason? No. And if you've been to mood, she's lately, they're cooking up something new for you. Besides their famous authentic Philly cheese steak tried the new Philly cheese steak eggrolls differently delicious. Why'd you say like that? I don't see. So we had Boehner candidate number one. I did slip on the ice. I did. Well, maybe but you through the ice there on the floor. There were surveillance cameras everyone you've got you've got to see this video. It's just hilarious is pretty so worst fake all ever casually throws the ice, then he walks over. And then essentially lays down, he just wait. You don't wanna hurt himself hurt himself? I mean, even if he he hadn't thrown the ice. They're even like say he'd sought seen some ice there. And he thought oh, here's my chance to fake fall. He couldn't even do that. Right. Then there was Boehner candidate number two. Well, we've got to give her some points for creativity. But nonetheless, she stole a pizza driver delivered driver's car. So that she could go to visit her boyfriend this fourteen year old girl and motor candidate number three. Yeah, that's a miracle. Right. Never any follow through he paid a prostitute four hundred dollars to come to his house. But then there was no follow-through activity. We had agreements to you didn't hold up your end of the bargain. So Julie one a Boehner a t-shirt where that would be in good health, Julie and the winner. Boehner candidate number two, really we have to give her some points for creative. Because there was a lot of discussion in the chat in the text about how they think that the delivery driver was the she was ingenious for coming up with this plan. He was just doing his job. He didn't know what he shouldn't leave his car running. That was what they were saying, hey, we don't decide the voters do and that is now the winner of round two goes up against the winner of round one one of those two will be Boehner of the day that will be decided at nine twenty by you with Boehner fight. And then Boehner the week happens after that. Now, the moth and the flame. We're going to be here live here at about ten minutes or so of them. Yes performance. But right now, we have another Sundance interview, this is a movie called imaginary order and the movie stars. She was not at the interview. Sorry, but it stars Wendi mcclendon Covey who you know, as Beverly Goldberg from the goldbergs Reno nine one was also on Reno nine one one very funny. But she does a little dramatic kind of a thing. Apparently. So here we go. Imaginary order imaginary order that's the name of the movie, it's a Sundance film in the US dramatic competition. And the director is with us. Debra is instead and an actress or actor, or if you prefer is with us, her name is Christine woods. It's well, I'll let I'll let Deborah tell us about the movie, what's the story. It's basically about a woman who abandoned her career for motherhood and she suffering the consequences now that her daughters thirteen and sort of pushing away. Her husband is a workaholic and has never around and she's feeling somewhat obsolete and while cat sitting for her widowed sister. She spies this family that at the neighboring family who seem way worse and more messed up than her own and one by one she gets kind of enmeshed with them. They suck her in and unravel her in a good way or a bad way. Well, she thinks I it's sort of an escape from her own problems. And she sort of is avoiding her own problems with her own family. But actually, it's not it's a trap, and it turns into it just spirals out of control. I bet they they inspire her intentionally. They see her as they they pay her immediately. The thing is they need her. They kind of they all kind of glommed onto her. She's very give you know. She's among so she of needs to be needed. And right now, no one's needing her at her house, and she's feeling somewhat useless. She wants to be of use. And she's finds herself needed by these people for various different reasons, and she ultimately tries to sort of sees at the son of a teenage son who's sorely sorely neglected and she takes a maternal role to him. But he mistakes that as something else and kind of falls in love with her. Now, you're describing what sounds like a sad movie. But I'm reading deliciously witty and disarmingly funny. Darkly funny. Funny. Yeah. As life is very much like life, Chris Christine, you I see you listening to the description and I see emotions playing. Says like this is a lot of fun. Tell me about your role in it. Yes. It was a lot of fun. I play Jemma gene who is the matriarch of the next door. Neighbor family train wreck of a woman. I I think that to kind of add to what Deborah said is that we see this this woman with clearly some need and a little some vulnerabilities, and it's kind of this interesting unintentional like families seduction of this woman, and she she fills a hole in in all of their lives. But what's funny is that they're never in cahoots with each other? I just think that they see her as this object to kind of take turns with a horrible way to put it. But you know, I it's it's in it's funny because it's really sad. These are people that have cats, but it sounds like they are also cats that take it's like how cats will take turns with a with a mouse or something they're just batting this woman around and well her name is cap. Yeah. Her name is Cathy, she calls her cat, and she's cat sitting for her sister's cat, they don't have. We don't have don't have. Cat sitting for. And that's like another storyline with her sister who she was a mess in comparison to the main character sort of OCD, and you see there to lives or completely opposite. And she comes in. When this sister goes on the retreat to take care of the cabinet ends up really being intrusively cleans up this entire woman's house in the process now, we're used to being the actress who plays cat is is a very funny mother that we identify with from the goldbergs right Wendi mcclendon Covey plays, Cathy. And she is so funny, but you've not seen her like this before it's a very dramatic turn for her. And she's completely different kind of mother very raw very vulnerable. It's the side that you don't get to see in narrative filmmaking a lot like some, you know, and I've seen her on Goldberg's in Reno nine one one. And I've always thought I'll bet she's an excellent dramatic actress as well. She is. She does she did some amazing. She doesn't amazing performance. The movie's called imaginary order, it's at Sundance dramatic competition. We're talking to Debra is instead and Christine woods. You have had a screening. How did it go? It went as good as I think it could possibly go. So well, because you know, I so I think it's funny. What I'm cutting it and writing it, and I wasn't sure it would translate and people started laughing from the. Yeah. Where where are you expected hope that they would? And I was hoping because it is a it's a dramatic comedy. Yeah. The comedy is so organic because nothing there's no jokes in this fell. Right. There's just things that catch you off guard in a very real way. And you laugh at that. Because you don't it's uncomfortable, and it's subtle. It's a very subtle humor. Endeavors it true that Christina stealing the movie true. True. She is. She is I mean, both Christine and Kathy. Wendy have gotten rave reviews. I mean like insanely good and all the other cast in it is really good too. I have to say at the unsolvable is amazing. I'm always curious when you when you show a movie to audiences for the first time other than just, you know, your friends and your husband and your belly and do things happen. I didn't I didn't expect them to laugh at that. Yeah. Yeah. Expect them to laugh at the very first scene. Yeah. I was amazed. Yeah. And they were laughing at things that were so subtle. And so I was so happy that they got that. This was accommodated good. Yeah. Gotta would build slower. I thought there'd be moments of laughter. But I didn't think they'd be laughing yet. They started laughing right away. And so did the second audience. Yeah. So it works. Excellent. So I I mean, hopefully that will continue we'll see tonight there's another screening in Salt Lake City, which will be telling because it's kind of a different demographic. Rose wagner. Yeah. Yeah. Will be it will be a different. So it'll be interesting to see how how that how it translates there. And as they say third time the term. It's called imaginary order, I hope it's a huge success for you and goes on from there to Seattle quick Christine. Thank you for entrapped. She's she's on the cartoon. Oh, you're so welcome. Thanks for being with you. Thank you. Gina..

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