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As part exam. Welcome to another episode Chad prager show we're here in the mothership studio twenty, two, the puppet master mark driving us into the weekend at the helm mark. Do you have big plans? Do you miss going to the hockey? Games? Yeah I do miss it and It's very different. Now, I've been watching some of the. Of the playoffs and just haven't fans are just really changes everything like it's so last night I was watching hockey. I, was having dinner I was sitting at sitting at a bar in sports bar sitting there having dinner and I was watching hockey basketball and baseball all at the same time and I'm watching the virtual fans in the. Right that it's just weird to me. Yeah Hockey's I think the only big now that that's not doing that actually kind of like it because I don't know just. Yes. Kinda weird. Well, the the the thing with basketball is it's creepy. You're watching all these real creepy looking people and I'm like, why can't you just put images of normal people of there are no that they have the motion in the movement and that SORTA helps them but they're not not even we'll looking people there. Proportionately sized off and stuff and. It's just a new world order stuff. That's go. I don't like it. Candice. What'd you think about our episode with Alex Jones? I really liked I was really excited for that and you know who knows what's next I think we kinda exposed the humanity of Alex Jones it was very surprising interview. Yeah I really enjoyed it. because. People were like, did you get into go crazy? Did you get him go nuts I was like I really wasn't after that? He was pretty like down to Earth which just you know twenty twenty is full of surprises and I texted you the other night I want to do another Epstein special because it was something that he triggered in my thinking that just kind of took me down the rabbit hole while I was thinking about some things last night. And I WANNA. Go back and revisit because I've always said there's a connection between this corona virus stuff and Jeffrey Epstein and he said something that triggered in me and I was like.

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