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He's really war veteran whose only two million with these types of things ran into the banquet old gathered more children. He got a bullet in his leg. Risking himself to save the children a little Noah. The hon. Who's hit by shrapnel in her leg and very close to her? I and thank God. I'll love. Is well and Noah has been discharged from the hospital, and they aren't recovery. Miraculously. Thus miraculously the gun jammed, and in attendance, at the synagogue. There was a border patrol off-duty agent, Mr Jonathan Morales who recently discovered his Jewish roots. He would travel three and a half hours from El Centro to pray with us at our soul temple. He felt great commodity here. It felt this house of worship and many of times say Jonathan you work for the border patrol. Please arm yourself when you are here. We never know when we'll need it. As soon as the gun jammed, and as soon as the shouting was going on he jumped up in pursuit Oscar Stewart, a former soldier jumped into action he tried to tackle down the gunman the gunman just exit ran away got into his car. This is all I understand from hearsay. I didn't see it. And Jonathan pursued him and was able to discharge his weapon and got the car few times after the shooter left this terrorists left. I turn around to assess the situation. Walk into the lobby and I see Laurie laying on the floor on concepts and her dear husband, buck. The howard. K who's like a brother to me? Is trying to Sesa Tate her, and he faints, and he's laying there on the floor next to his wife, and then the daughter comes up screaming daddy. This.

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