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A foundation could pivot and give different charities. American cancer society is just for cancer. I guys but this could do for this. So when i actually did is we actually did. Three different causes for this for this concert on november. Twenty four raise money for prostate cancer. Re raise money for cove through department of aging in yonkers and wishes county in new york Cova meals on wheels. I think i think it was to bring meals. Call families or underprivileged families are or that were affected and then once one hour of this hour show was co-produced by another talented guy an artist in his own right Andrew cole hashtag. I am no joke for anti bullying. you know. I endeavoured to raise money for that awareness again which fresh. When you're i think about it. Well that's not disease or anything. We'll guess what you'd be surprised how it affects especially children and how they're turn out in oregon even suicide rates. You'd be surprised about that. And between the combination of my wonderful wonderful think tank again. Remember i'm just at mack. Truck symbol in front of the truck with people at some of the people. Like i just mentioned deserve order. Praise and these artists. Okay Because they just doing it for the goodness of their heart We had You know on the show amid a mentioned some people that run the show We had like patrick stewart ozzy and sharon osbourne cedric the entertainer. Tommy james like we know. Tommy james and chandeliers kim sledge from sister sledge and there's a whole list the iraqi kramer. Tommy claxton brian sebastian. I mean i have a whole list. I don't wanna take mickey burns. Whose fantastic talk show host of profiles. Okay good i consider one of my mentors. Howard blong van. Tastic publicist in brilliant. Brilliant man another person definitely up to You know Ken miller Christine laureen landon. I mean list goes on revolution. A screaming rachel sherry nelson tim morris Leon robinson october london. Charlie black april gabrielle. Fred schneider from the b fifty. Two's i love him. I love him And just just so many different people. That steve perkins from my like from jane addiction. You know scott page from pink. Floyd and the list goes on. So you know thing is was really. I was very fortunate. And you know. I'm kind of like kid. You know. I'm still that stuttering kid. Okay inside but you know. I kind of like found the happenstance to turn and energy inside out. Whatever whatever negativity comes around. I mean we all go through trials and tribulations and life is not meant to be perfect right. It's not meant to be not here. I would depending on okay. i don't get into religion. You know the house is so johnny is open to anybody. I call it the house of so. Johnny doesn't matter what you diversity is. What whatever wherever background you're from everyone's wealth as long as you're not here to hurt anybody. And i consider myself having a second inch education on wync guys who is being brought up in like one of the most melting pot in the new york city inside the melting pot like the boogie down bronx of seeing people from all different ethnic backgrounds. Get together and work together to me. A second education and i found myself blessed and gave me another education so to my late dad. I oh my sense of Because anybody that would meet him would say that he was an enough saying this because my dad was fortunate no he came from nothing. You know we had no shh pathway. No shoes were through the depression. Right and You know anybody that would meet him. Say kind things. It doesn't matter what it was where they had something or didn't matter what the had didn't have they would say something kind. So i say to myself i got my sense. Humility and humanity from dad. And i got music from mom and music being the tie that binds. Okay is the complement. Entertainment is common denominator. That i used to tie everything together. And i throw in a slice of philanthropy charity in their. This of course is the place for business. You gotta pay the bills and everything And that's kind of what i did. So i guess. Go over a couple of the projects. I'm in a couple of minutes. I'm just gonna take a breadth. Forgive me for being over. Bo's but i'm trying to get all these things women in my mind. Just come out from. I mean clearly. You're busy man back. Just a bit I think i can speak full-time yet i. We're we're definitely clash clouds or were in our class days. But so i mean that gives us a little hope that you know. We got something to look forward to we. Can we can be the next. Soho johnny here. So but also i mean. It's very humbling because granted you had these opportunities. It's not just take them like you went above and beyond within you excelled in. I mean. I definitely appreciate the whole cancer. Thank my dad. A recently had prostate cancer and he the whole covid thing he had to be in the hospital for awhile completely by himself and that lake crushed me absolutely crush may so. But he's he's doing much better now and so i'm glad about that but yeah And i i appreciate what you guys you and your teams. Don't because that's that's awesome and really also want. Wanna give my condolences to your mother because his stat you either. It's not easy man and i. I don't know how you keep such a positive enemy light glow to you. But i mean you got it you know i. H there's no i'm not reinventing the wheel okay Would i try to do. Is i try to discipline my mind and my emotions to accept that. I'm a human being and a half the love myself not in a narcissistic way not selfish way except myself give myself and if you come from that position in try to say that every time and makes it easier to be humble and noble when you relate to other people and that's charity so charity is not necessarily writing a check okay. Charity visit doesn't matter. If you have nothing. Charity could be as simple as making somebody smile when you walk down the street. I sorta elderly lady the other day and just trying to put her in a better frame of mind cause if we all wake up with the feeling.

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