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As wet roads and scattered showers. I'm Joyce Nielsen. Your next report at six twenty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen. The forecast now KRLD chief meteorologist, Dan Bruneau VIN looking ahead into the weekend. Dan acted. Let's see rainy, Wendy dusty is that covered. Okay. So that that's the most important part. I think especially leading into the weekend twenty four hours from now things of the improving except for the win a lot of wind coming on Saturday, but this morning, wet commutes, the only exception would be north of Denton towards the Red River. Once you get north from McKinney. It's pretty dry, but Dallas Fort Worth mckanie Weatherford. Burlington everybody pretty much seeing rain as well as the mid cities even at DFW through only saw one one hundred seven inch of rain yesterday. That's what goes into record books. Even seeing some rain now temperatures chilly into the forties, wind chills in the upper thirties. Temperatures only into the low fifties today, we'll have waves of rain moving in from southwest and northeast through the morning and into the early to mid afternoon. Think we see a little bit of a break into the evening hours of wanna go out and grab a bite to be okay. Catch a movie temperatures hold into the low fifties for highs today through the overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning as well. A little mini squall line come see the area three to six AM. Looks like a window right now. Tryline surges through and then rapid clearing berry, Wendy, west winds gusting the forty five a high tomorrow sixty seven and then fifty nine with sunshine less win for Sunday. So decent weekend coming up twenty four hours. We gotta wait Arlington. You're at forty six a little light rain. So are we here at KRLD, no matter when you get in the car, we're the only station that brings you news, traffic and weather all day, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD..

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