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Day three. I'm standing field by dot forest. I can faintly this out of someone or something breathing heavily. I initially felt very calm relaxed even but the feeling of dread suddenly washes over me like a dense cloud. The far is getting dog and seems to be pushing clocks closer to me. I can see the shadow man standing in the shadow of the trees. I awoke in a cold sweat in the new chapter. In james's room. I still feel the terror. I felt in the dream almost as if not dreaming. It's all james was still lying his bed where he hadn't moved in it since being placed that. But ospital stuff. If i hadn't been able to hear the cackle of his breath and the steady rhythmic beeps coming from his. I believe would dead. His chest wasn't moving with his breath should instead he was the statue of what once was eighteen year. Old man lying on the white and blue hospital linens brendryen. I didn't leave james's room except for quick trips to the hospital. Cafeteria and jeremy was there as well but went outside to smoke quite often. The light from the window seemed to flow through the cousins and rep. It's warm glow all over the bed. Which james late leaving grim shadow in every space surrounding the bed. I could see the shape of brenda slouched in another chair. And the corner from my chat. I couldn't see a face. But i got the feeling that she was staring at me. It was very unnerving freely but only added more distress to my mood after midnight. Brenda the crack in my voice. That caused me to quickly clear my voice. Somebody's not to sound so afraid. No response came from her corner of the room. But i could see a head tilt slightly to the left. Brenda are you awake. I said again with more competence. I wanted to be strong for her. She was frail woman who stood only about five feet tall weighing no more than one hundred twenty pounds. Still i received no reply besides was driving the feeling of dread back into of my stomach so i decided to get some pressure when our permit bill the light from the hallway outside spilled into the room. I look back to see if brenda was. Asleep is but wide open. As if in a state of panic staring at james jail immediately spread through my body. And then i noticed the blood. It wasn't much. Just a trickle knows around the corner mouth. Dripping from chin yelled into the hallway for us and rent a site. I quickly pulled my hand away. As i touched us. It was hot. Uh as if a furnace burn beneath the skin the nest finally came into the room an older woman with a hack in a tight on. And i told her the brenda had a very high temperature. And she wasn't responding to me when the nurse or the blood dripping from her nose she pushed a button that phone and a voice came over the intercom ran into the room. They put on a stretch and told me to get hold jeremy to let him know what was going on while they moved into another room as i student. James is calling. Jeremy repeatedly james spoke for the first time that day down. The fire alarm came blaring all around me and the sprinklers.

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