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He is a fearless, three point shooter shot. Forty one percent, Kansas LeBron still can't get his name right because he called him Slava but it's v maybe maybe v. will go off one night run over the labontes site. Let's my name because it's hold on. I look. He can shoot it. Russ me. He's gotta find minute forty. One percent, Kansas. My gotta shop forty. One percent at UCLA came by three point bucket has nothing to with the the guy who them within a point. Last night. Lonzo ball has completely changed. His shot. Every shoddy took last night was conventional right side of the face launch to look. Good look, good. Yeah, but he made a big three and he made both free throws. Don't do know you're going to take, you're going to take the guy, maybe one. He was one of four, he'll limit Zach, not a big shot in that game. Yes, it was didn't win, win the gays that the biggest three that any like like are made less lot? I did win the game. Did it have the game? So what are we talking about? You keep saying, scored seventy that were seven of their last fifteen, but they started giving you. I'm just looking for positives on a tough night against the tough team opening night. Those are big in Clarita lasers we don't. We don't. We don't care about who we play against. We got to play our game. So you looking at the opponent, the Ponant inconsequential to me the Lakers in order for them to get to where they need to be using orlands the plastic. No, I'm gonna hold you to that. I got him in the playoffs because they're good. I'm not saying I got lots of they got depth on that team don't Zach calms commit. He blocked six shots last night. Yeah, he was unbelievable blocking threes. He didn't threes. Wow. What three did he block well made seven in the last fifteen. So. Okay. What about what about the first fifteen? Oh, did you do you don't know if they're seven thirty? They made similar the last fifteen. What did they do in the first fifteen? So the other guy who was really good for a while was Rajon Rondo. I thought it would you be? Well, the fourth quarter. Again, he went quiet just like his man LeBron went quiet over to. It's just a quiet fourth quarter and Rondo had a bad turnover, mid fourth quarter to nobody. I don't know. It was somehow to Brandon Ingram, but he threw it out of bounce. So you can't have your two best players to most experienced players. Commit four, bad turnovers in the fourth quarter, but that's just a whole nother story. They can fix that. I love you'll find, you know, I'm just giving you the truth. I'm giving you what I saw tonight. Hold on. If I'm not mistaken regime. Rondo had thirteen points eleven and he was plus seven in thirty in little less than thirty two minutes. Lonzo ball play less than twenty minutes. And he was two seven, seven points and he was minus fifteen. But you wanna talk about the one three that he hit. He was mad fifteen regime. I run the thirteen eleven plus seven. What are we doing here LeBron was minus four last night. So I guess it wasn't all roses up there in the rose garden for him. Was it twenty six, twelve and six. That's what he did. Nine of sixteen Schutte three turnovers in the fourth quarter. Why? Yes. Yes. So in the big picture, I liked what they did, and I think they're going to be a little better than most people think they will be, but they're still gonna have a hard time in the west because it's just too loaded. You're going to get that kind of effort from these kind of western. Inference opponents every now you'll get that because wrong on the team in the league. In every game, if the big game because of who they're playing, who's on the team and they know they're gonna get everybody's best shot. And I hate to say this, but they're going to get Houston's best shot tomorrow night at Staples opening night in Hollywood because Houston got embarrassed home in their home opener by New Orleans. And so that's gonna be a tough game to win..

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