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Back in the day and it's funny because it's like in the back of the iranian wwe the limo drive up you know exactly what it looks like so like we're talking about these people getting hurt did they really fighting and one went to the but i mean like this that i won't question all the other stuff i will totally question because i don't think of fighter would take themselves out of a fight i stunt for someone else but i think they really were hurt by the by the shattering of glass everything else though i think is completely setup cheese ross in waterbury russ what's up guy i comment on the mainly at the barclays i just wanna to comment on lebron james like it's amazing that i saw video he was commenting on his his son has a chance to make the nba he's going to do what he has to do to become a free agent and play with his son how great would that be and this was something that happened when brian windhorst was doing his book tour this is one thing that he had started saying that you know one of lebron's goals could be to play with brawny and if they're if the nba gets rid of their age limit and brawny would potentially be able to go from high school right to the nba that it would make any maybe possible feasible that lebron complete with his son brian is going to go first overall just because people won't wanna brian scott.

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