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Talk, presented by facing tipton on the horse racing radio network. Trainer Todd Fletcher has reached the stratosphere. It was all have another that dug O'Neal. Spoon over Miami for Bill Matt. 3000 for trainer Mark Cassie. Lucas a 6 win. Barefoot with another incredible milestone, but it was old for shutting the game with number 1000 for the great Trevor McCarthy. Here's 2000 for Nick zito. Steve asks him is now North America's all time leading trainer. Now here's Mike peda. Hello again, everyone, and welcome to the show trainers listen to it is trainer talk presented by Facebook tipton on the horse racing radio network. Mike panna baron of the backstretch, happy to have you with me for the next hour. You are listening all across North America on Sirius two 19 XM two O one or you're streaming us live or podcasting us on our end website at horse racing radio .NET. Well, just about two weeks into the 2021 2022 fairgrounds meet. The trainer leaderboard may not look the way you would expect. The name at the top of the list is not Cox. It is not Amos it ain't Stidham, not stall or foch. Instead, the leading trainer through the first two weeks of racing is a Venezuelan born former jockey who took out his trainer's license after a riding act as it, which resulted in a broken neck and it ended that chapter of his life, but is so often happens when one door closes another one opens. In today's guest, has seized his new opportunity. Watching his stable grow, and his wind total increase nearly every single year since saddling his first horse in 2013. Please join me in welcoming fair grounds leading trainer Jose to train her talk presented by phasic tipton. Jose, welcome, my friend. Well, thank you. Hello to everybody. To enjoy this way to know about trainers and everything you guys doing and like you say when one door is closed. Another one is open. I thought I am going to be a Jackie for all my life and we're in 2011. You know, we got we got by step and I brought my neck and it was a really biased berries and it gave me a year to recovery and what that pretty much ended all my career as a Jackie and I really don't know what way would take after that and you know thank you to my wife that you held me a lot to encourage me to be a trainer and I never thought I would be a trainer and so we're here today to show people that nothing is impossible and we're proud that we're doing really good and like you say every year since we started, you know, we go and step by step and we grow every year and we tend to guide that, you know, everything will go good. Well, and thank God that you're okay because that spill in 2011 and evangeline downs was extremely scary. As you're laying there, Jose, did you know that something was seriously wrong or were you thinking, hey, I'm just dinged up again. Well, really, to be honest with you, no, because when I hit the ground, I just, you know, I lose everything. I don't know what happened. I don't know that, you know, there was broke my neck and when I woke up, I was in the hospital. To find out what happened and you know, they told me that it was okay that they just go to look at it to look at me and see what was going out. They don't want to talk to me about it in there that I got my new broke. And the next day, you know, they told me that I broke, you know, forbade the bride and but I'm going to be okay and I'm going to be paralyzed. And he's going to take time to recovery and then tell me a year. So first, you know that when that happens, you're not sure that will be okay. So because I can move my leg, my arm and everything and I was just really sore. But I can move my neck. So the next day when I find out, you know, I felt like crying. You know, because I was doing really good at that time. And I thought it would be my gear. I said, Jackie, trying to change the opportunity. And I thought I got my opportunity at that time, but it was pretty sure because I never said that you know that I'm going to get hurt. Nobody does. And that was it. Did you think even at that point that you were still going to ride again? Yes. Because when he told me as well, he's not about to go to take maybe 8 to ten weeks. Did you be bad to ride? Okay, well, that's good. But I know he's out of me, I feel like, you know, it can be right because I have so much pain. And I feel like one of my nerds, it was, you know, tied with a tendon. And I got hit every day. To this day, I still have it. You know, especially when you get cold, I feel like, oh, my hair's gonna flow. And I said, you know what? I told my wife, I don't think I'm gonna.

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