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So getting back to this norm MacDonald Letterman thing, weekly on Texas a. and m. here Dan over the last three years prior to last season, Dave average one hundred and forty eight million dollars in revenues. The reason they become the most valuable college football program is simple. Over the last three years, they have gotten more contributions from alumni. That's any other football. They've got the best boosters an EMS. Got wait a minute. I thought the boosters that people knew about in sports where Oklahoma state, where were you know Oregon Texas m. has one of those. They have a vast increase in contributions over the last three years. So maybe someone recent one guy who wants to get wait a minute. Is there a rich guy who wants to get in the game? And that's how they got JIMBO Fisher. Is that the back of that? Is that what is there a rich guy who wants to get into the Phil Knight game? I wanna call plays in the press box. Saying him. Getting back to this Letterman norm Donald story. So. I love what Jerry Seinfeld has done with his post Seinfeld career. Monty, Davis is your man tell me more about Monty Monty Davis. It's a CEO of core laboratories. I wanna talk to Monte which assesses oil reserves. He's an oilman, let's get, oh, it's an oil man. You've got themselves in oil now. No, Texas. Who was it? That was Marcus DuPree. You told me one time that one of the schools offered him an oil well as a recruiting gift. And I think I think he said it was second was a hammer Dickerson. One of the mention getting getting an offer from a school of an oil. Well. Which limited the select? That's right. It's probably SMU. So. Letterman's got a post television career because he's late in life. He's a father, but he also has a need to create. And so he's got this stuff on Netflix that he's doing. They're giving him a lot of creative control. When Netflix is doing is trying to become television. Netflix is going to be television twenty years. That's what the goal is. They're spending all that money to be to replace television because you could. You could see it. Now I just binged the second season of Ozark and it's great tomato. I and you can just, you can see now that Netflix is saying, no, this is how people would prefer to watch television. They don't wanna wait for their sitcom to be a week from now. They want to watch it right now. No commercials give it to me. I want to ingest it. I wanna snort it and with I mean, like game of thrones is the only thing game of thrones in sports, right? They're the only two things that people are like these days. I have to be home to watch this actually. Yeah, yeah, no doubt. So we've identified the three so is spilling money all over the bar, just tons and tons of money to become to challenge television to become television. And so they've given Letterman the ability to prove his own stuff and Letterman loves nor McDonald and has loved McDonnell. I think I think Letterman has said that north Donald's his favorite guest or something along those lines and he gave him a show and today now, nor McDonald is strange, and he lives in a small bubble. And what he said today, Stu guts that got him in trouble. And now he's apologizing and I don't know what's going to happen here at the top of this. When you get near some of the social issues of the day and the metoo stuff and the racism with with Roseanne Barr, your stuff can disappear fast. And so he's giving interviews while getting ready for the start of this..

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