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Half dozen calls the first one was sam wife who has that head coach at tampa bay because what are you doing he says before you do anything come down talk to me rich mckay was the general manager bruce coslet the head coach of the jets calls me what do you do if i watched the play last year you could still play up are seeking since he brusco he was with this i think i was with bruce like ten eleven years i assure and then a coach that i'd seen for 10 admiral a lot of years but he was on the other side line he was now with kansas city marty schottenheimer calls me said hey what's going on i talked up well my wife and i ended up find down to tampa just the talk the salmon met with mr ocober house the owner of the timer hugh culverhouse in we laughed and i'd sign with the bucks it actually on our anniversary in april and so we sign there i went to camp there has gone into my 14th your made it through camp amine my right shoulders lubang that my leg last year here but we omitted to camp i felt great was clean up my locker or lask maybe third preseason game were over in the citrus bowl in orlando and we're playing the buffalo bills in were platoon in line so is going great we run a dive we fumbled the ball on i'm went on the ground in their nose tackle believers jeff right picks up start front and i get off the ground and i felt pretty good cause that 35hour random down i grabbed them but as i grabbed them whether defensive backs tried the knocked me off them and they both landed on me shoulder is gone i mean so i had it repaired i stay down there for about three months help coach little bit and came home and was oversaw wasn't an official book i made a suit camp but i did not play as the buccaneers but i was down there for camp anthony moon years you're.

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