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Is this too much risk for me. The thing that i come back to here is if this is keri price saying. I'm going to try this. Maybe i get picked up by seattle and oh well that's pretty frivolous way to treat your career and i've never ever for a second thought. The carey price was frivolous about his career. But to put yourself in this situation there is an element of being frivolous with your unless he actually has a desire to go or he's comfortable with it So when i wrote the blog sunday night that seattle was seriously considering it. I had a couple people league tax me. Says you think seattle's really thinking about it and i go. Yeah and they were surprised. And i called them. I said why are you guys surprised. And they said look analytically driven organization. It's not a good analytic bet. The day could see why montreal would make that bet. They thought it was a little reckless. The kind of joked it was kind of very berge event. Like just put yourself out there. Put your guts on the table in save. Beat this hand but they said that if they were looking at it critically seattle is the kind of organization that you would look at and say they're not doing that. I think you doubt carry price at your peril. But if you believe in aging curves you're not taking this bat and they think that's what montreal thought. Here's what i wonder about. When people say i think seattle believes this or this is what i think. Seattle thanks Are you talking about seattle hockey ops. Or seattle marketing. I think it's both are seattle ownership. Yeah but the thing is like ron. Francis walked away from carolina because he couldn't get along with ownership there he's a pretty principal. Guy right is is. I don't think he's going in there without some understanding of the separation between church and state. That's how all gonna work right from what i understand like. He goes to a lot of their business meetings. He goes to a lot of. They're like just overall business plan meetings because he feels it's important understand the way that part of the organization thinks and he knows how they all feel people are like all are they gonna pay eleven million dollar bonus they just spent six hundred fifty million on a team like eleven million. Now is a cheese sandwich. Basically so the l. They're looking at this. And they're saying like they know kerry prices the face the organization. That is a huge w for them. Now what. I think they're trying to get to the bottom. Two of is the injury stuff. What does this mean and is some team said to me. At the beginning they would say no way we do this. And some of them still said they wouldn't do it but the thing is like if you get a chance to see his records you're supposed to be told what the injuries are. And you know. Some people said like. I was talking to him about this allen price today. If you think dreer can be your jake allen and you can adopt that plan where price comes back if he has a surgeries out for the middle of the year and then comes back and he's rested the play. It's not a bad bad. What furious supposed to be the weakest division in the nhl next year In theory the pacific. The weakest. So like i said i think it's very real. They have to have their submissions to the league by ten. Am eastern on wednesday. It's poker time you think mark versions mind. He sees this as a challenge.

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