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That is the dish whoa i respect any that goes to the barber shop and says give me the sangha it is really billy mays and billy move all the way home like what then he is also i heating objectively speaking i do not have a defense for him if we create all these weird rules this seems violated those parabolic moonshot they're not lending even though this gave us the result that certainly so i understand that you could say that he was cheating but i do believe that there's a letter versus spirit argument in this and i can make the argument that saying that the ball has to land before the next pitches thrown is actually unfair to a guy like bryce harper because his titanic shots are going so far that he is being cheated out of his time because of his own brilliant therefore pop shoot ahead to ball coming through there you shouldn't hold it against that do for a reason to pull me by the way sankey actually hit he had the mohawk but bryce harper there was this poll conducted of all these player will be players that was published in the ethnic and it said that about ford almost half of the players surveyed said bryce harper was the most overrated player in baseball something like this does not do anything think to dissuade those right here i'm going to the way so you had rice harper in front of his home crowd which may not be as home proper much longer ainu has him getting away with something that other players maybe shouldn't have gotten away with because we can celebrate him simply winning the whole run durfee is what makes you overrated like mad right the other thing is at the home run derby is a fake contest why do we care about fake rules next name josh rosen the former ucla qb and current arezzo cardinal is part of a group proposing a new plan to compensate ncwa athletes if propose a clearinghouse middleman acting at the pseudo agent for all athletes go sheeting individual and group deals with the plan also only allows athletes to be paid once they receive their degree no degree no money so bo do you think josh rosen's plan here has a chance to fix the college system no i hate josh roses planning i generally like josh rosen but let me tell you why hate his plan so much why bothers me everyone that was like people who have an attachment to the nc double a like we liked the pageantry of college sports we like all that stuff so what people are always trying to do in changing this system is they want to tweak it a little bit but they want to try to keep all the stuff that they like what they don't understand is not paying the players is fundamental to what this is this isn't just a quirk read is like oh well if we get rid of that everything else gets solved nobody ethos of this is about keeping them broke and what bothered me more than anything else in seeing this this idea of well they'll get the money after they graduate what's wrong with them getting the money right now they're only one other industry where people are like no you can't pay them because then they won't know how to act there's a movie about it and he's gotta do name pretty tony i think julia roberts now you wake up with some money they subject to go crazy like that's what this you're right you're right there is book what are the really messed up parts of this is that the education things still is maintained as part of the khan even in reform and i love josh rosen or at the very least josh ruins ambition because i do understand one of the big problems about being a college avenue does that the people who truly matter and have megaphones and have influenced stopping college athletes and then they become people with the rome perhaps running back century concerns as professionals this is not a thing that you can really care about only so so long but the idea that you would have education and a diploma and why isn't the olympic model just the.

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