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At historic Hinkle Fieldhouse. The golden eagles beat goes on rebound. Theo John has it. He's under the basket. Now. He dribbles gives us a car. Past remember that Tony JAA? Steve the Homer true and Tony Smith on the call on ninety four five ESPN FM, the usual suspects. Do their thing in Marquette seventy six fifty eight win at Butler stopped me for this one before Marcus Howard and Sam Houser lead Marquette victory. Howard scores. Thirty two points. Hauser has nineteen obviously Marcus was terrific Sam Houser, which we come to expect. I hope we don't take for granted goal. Neal's coach Steve hausky for Howard is his thirteen thirty point game of his career. And he moves up three spots to number eleven on the school's career scoring list map. Paulie, WTMJ sport markets only big east loss came at Saint John's. They'll look to avenge that loss when the red storm. Visit fine sir form on Tuesday night are covered. Jeff Marquette basketball is presented by you lie. Elsewhere and Tom twenty-five play in the big east now five Samuels, low blocks kicks the bay left corner wide open three. Yes, sir. And just like that Villanova leads five thirteen. Tonight in Chicago Wildcats, the number fourteen team in the land win at depaul eighty six to seventy four the mucks get back at it tonight north of the border and a true NBA marquee up taking on the raptors on the road reserve guard pack connotation key to Tuesday night went over the pistons with sixteen points pretty impressive considering he hasn't scored nine of the bucks. Previous eleven games team. And Eric Bledsoe paired band great all season. You know when he when he does play. They know he's always ready a veteran know, he's professional so he put into work. And like I always says glad to see him come in and play. Well, and we went our coverage jump. Tonight's game starts at six thirty with buckshot. Tip off is just after seven o'clock. Also coming up tonight, the NBA will name it's all star game reserves. Chris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe both under heavy consideration to join in Charlotte for the game in three weeks. Also tonight in the NBA Philadelphia is an Golden State and the battle for LA commences with the Lakers and the clippers from the state. Simple center. It's been eight years since the Packers were in the Super Bowl, and I'm acceptable amount of time for many who feel the team has squandered the hall of fame talents of quarterback Aaron Rodgers at the beginning of the season. The conventional wisdom was as long as number twelve was able to play the Packers were true contender. Instead, even with Erin. They were a sub five hundred team which led to Mike McCarthy's dismissal during the year. So what happened bearing on ninety four or five? ESPN FM's will the entire left tackle pay the box. Yari blamed a lack of accountability on the part of his teammates really Gregor's was guys being wasteful plane. And no one holding other got countable or you can find them for being late like that needs to be because I mean there needs to be that beer guys across the board that your job is consistently judge. You can hear that interview in its entirety online at ESPN, Wisconsin dot com. Again, we got basketball coming up tonight so box in the raptors should be a pretty good one. Our coverage starts at six thirty tonight here on WTMJ. Somewhere. Winston Watson's going. Hey, I said that same thing. And I got fired. It's the way you say it, I think eighteen. A.

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