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In a League of twos and Big Three's these teams have full heads Tatum Brown Walker Smart Thais. Banned Dragons crowder Robinson hero and it's Spoelstra Stevens. Put. I you. WHO's the better team right now? I, think the Celtics are the better team overall, but are the better team right now and I've been talking about this kid a lot. I know we're talking about as close, but he's really been heating up on the court I said, he's the best white American player in the League but is tele- here. It was going to be very important a series but I think he's going to excel. I think as a result, the heater going to win it. So you got Miami as the better team right now. Same question you. Pablo better team right now. Yeah Gimme the heat commute Erik Spoelstra Filipino Jackson give me the aforementioned tyler hero Jimmy Dunkin Robinson. The key to this series Tony can tyler hero and Dunkin Robinson get off all of those three pointers against what has been over the past decade by far the best three point defense in the league. The Celtics are always good at this I think they can, and that's why I think the GonNa win this. This is the second series. Now, there's only two remaining in the NBA where you guys like it's all about the man and all about the rotation player what he page, who's the better team breakdown? Yes, well, I'm I'm going to go a different direction to celtics better ned three guys on the international team leads to your but Jimmy. Butler. Is the best player in this series and we know that he would come and go with other teams. Well, he doesn't go anywhere except just continue to flourish with the by I better coaching they have a general manager in that Dole with Danny Age and I think they have the better player the best player that actually is going to make a difference in the series Jimmy. Butler, every governor. We'll move buyer.

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