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All right, on Saturday, the undisputed lightweight championship will be settled once and for all when Devin Haney challenges George Cambodia in Australia. Down under for all the 135 pound belts, George Campbell, of course, coming off a huge win over to a female Lopez late last year, and George joins me here on the show. George, before I get into your preparation for this fight, what is the last 6 months or so been like for you as you have gone from, you know, relatively unknown contender to four belt world champion. Yeah, look, it's been amazing. The support has been right up there. The whole country behind me, you know, a lot of the world behind me that was so impressed from that big victory I had with Lopez. But my tunnel vision in my obsession got more. I became champion and I became hungrier. I got to build my own private gym, which was real fun. And that's what I put in the work for at this whole camp for at this whole time. I got to really continue to perfect my craft. But these laws did get busy, a lot more people wanted to make me. You did get right back in the gym. I mean, following you on social media was probably a week maybe after you got back to Australia and you were right back in. Actually, I was back in the gym when I went to the Devin Haney JoJo dies for an in the MGM Grand nonstop because I'm never content. I'm always trying to get better and better and that's the corner photo I am so even while I was scoping out my opponents after my big win against Lopez, I was not enjoying the high life. I was not partying. I was not celebrating. I was back into the June because that's what I do. You wrap that Devin Haney fight like you said against JoJo Diaz Devin won that fight for a while, you thought you were going to get vasili lomachenko. Of course it didn't work out lomachenko's got his situation in the Ukraine. How did you feel at the time about pivoting from lomachenko to Devin Haney? No problem. I always said that all the Devin Haney or lomachenko whoever wanted the fight whoever made the best do and everything made sense also thought them both. No problem so I got a lot of respect for lomachenko obviously he went to the war. He's fighting a bigger fight and no problem. Devin Haney was one of the guys that we wanted as well and he came to the party respect to that and here we are. You had the leverage as the four belt champion at lightweight and you used it. You got a multi fight deal effectively in this situation. You're having the fight in Australia. Why was it important for you to have this title defense in Australia? Of course, you know, I had to go earn the builds of teeth in my life as in his backyard. I had to do and I can't let you back to back set. I deserve this, I deserve to have the do the way I want it and the way it makes much sense for my future, my family, but for me I love to fight. And being so passionate about falling, especially here in Australia, I had to bring this back to Australia. It had to be here. I had to defend my belt at home. Nothing else mattered by 40 here in Australia because it's been a long time, so now I get to have my people supported me and that's the most amazing part about it, because I get to really get to.

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