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News radio 610 wtvn i'm jarrett alan a busy for the july holiday at on the roads triple as kimberly sweat to says they're expecting a lot of people to be driving more than forty four point two million americans including one white nine million ohio and travelling between june thirty at endjuly force winds says it's an increase of about three percent from last year's record numbers new report that says ohio could be a bit more patriotic survey from wallet puts the puck istate thirty that the most patriotic states it takes into account military engagement like number of active duty members and veterans per capita than civic engagement like voting in volunteering race ohio ranks higher in civic engagement but jesus the most patriotic state while new jersey is the lease the report also puts red states higher on the patriotic scale than blue states scott jennings news radio 610 wtvn many people enjoy cooking a meal on the back yard grill this time of the year but it can often put some of the emergency room with minor to severe burns dr tom waters with the cleveland clinic says the best way to avoid getting hurt is to think safety i wanna make sure that you are very a careful when lighting the grill keep the lit up when lighting the grill and if you're unsuccessful on the first attempt at lighting it you should shot it off the air out and try to start again and try over dr waters says if you do get burned the first thing you want to do is cool the burn by either submerging it in cool water or putting nice thought it columbus police detectives find themselves a dangerous situation without warning abc six a steve levin says it happened after a call it a home off sullivan davidoff and west columbus a gunfire may be connected to a recent shooting a few blocks away police tell me that they were able to track down some of those suspects to a nearby house that's when the door was open and a gun was pointed at an officer no shots were fired no one was injured police tracked down several persons inside that house they have now been taken into custody for questioning i've been told so far no charges have been viable we will be following this case very closely about forty dodds from the houston area are in delaware county being adopted out with in houston they were.

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