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Over the weekend and others may follow soup. You we have China, Australia, and it inisia- among the list of several countries. Grounding the plane after two deadly crashes in less than six months at sea TAC airport this morning, travelers tell KOMO news. They're not too worried about whether they're playing is a max eight or something else. Doesn't issue concerns? I'm not concerned. This couple seemed to disagree about whether the max eight is safe to fly. I would've probably gone on the max. Yeah. Sure. Well. Home American and south west both fly max, eight SATA seatac. Alaska does not yet. Fly any max models attorney general Bob Ferguson ensuing three opioid distributors arguing they contributed to the deaths of countless Washingtonians McKesson cardinal health. And Meera source Bergen are all named in the suit accused of fulfilling suspicious prescriptions in in violation of state law. These companies ship more than two hundred and fifty thousand suspicious borders to Washington between two thousand six two thousand fourteen Amirah source says they comply with the law McKesson would not comment on the suit. And we have not heard back from cardinal health. Contentious debate surrounds, a sex education Bill that seeks to mandate statewide sexual health curriculum. Komo's Corwin Hake has more over one hundred witnesses pack, the house education committee chambers divided among those like health teacher, Amy Miller who vigorously defend the Bill our students and their families want this curriculum. And our students need this curriculum and those including parents, Georgina Farris who adamantly oppose it. I find it pornographic and filthy. I'm shocked at this is what we would call education the Bill seeks to integrate age appropriate science based instruction in sexual health and gender issues into all grades K through twelve state school superintendent, Chris reykdal requested the Bill, although it would allow parents to opt their kids out of the curriculum under the Bill individual districts could not opt out Corwin Hake. Komo news chambers in Olympia have passed a Bill providing money for the state's bump stock buyback program. But as komo's Brian Calvert reports the clock continues to tick in the program could soon be irrelevant governor Inslee sign the ban on bump stocks last year in the ban. Also, directed state troopers do offer a buyback program, but there was no money allocated for that buyback. We as leaders and lawmakers have to be judged by our actions, and we need actions right now on this. Scourge not long ago, the Senate finally approved money for the buyback and yesterday the house did as well with one amendment making the Bill retroactive that means it's now headed back to the Senate for another sign off the delay could be another tough lesson for lawmakers who habitually pass laws without funding them Washington could have been buying back. These stories for months at Beth's. They're going to get a couple of weeks out of this deal as a federal ban on bump stocks takes effect, March twenty sixth after that date law enforcement can seize the devices without reimbursement. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Komo news time one thirty four time for AAA traffic.

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