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I got to be worried on. How did this become a tradable event at this point and by the way sri sitting in singapore remember for perspective hong kong's losses singapore's gain is a regional center and i think there's there's major major fallout that would come from this but if you look at the forty percent of china over sixty percent kind of it's asia in fact the irony is of course when we hit that blow off top and john of twenty eighteen <hes> that's just when you gotta heavier weighting that was the last peak in emerging markets effectively making taking nine year lows on a on a relative basis to the s._n._p. Continue to look weaker here <hes> at least on a relative basis. I don't like in the short run. If you've got a trade war everything was ah hunky dory <hes> and you really had that santa claus e._m. Is oversold here and again in in relative terms it is but it's it's difficult to see when you look at the global growth dynamics mex and the the trade protectionism all over japan south korea in spat <hes> you see as central banks around the world scrambling growth the only good news for e._m. Is where there i used to be historically inflation issues and dollar issues. You don't see that right now. Sri may good point and that asia tomorrow may not be a good tell on the day session because it's inheriting what we did get here in the united states but let's say you wake up at seven o'clock in the morning. What's the first thing that you take a look at yeah. I think you wanna look at chinese equities. I mean obviously hong kong's important and you know back in two thousand fifteen. When we had some similar kind of volatility emanating from china the shanghai interestingly had gone from two thousand to five thousand the composite deposit now. It's not moving around the way it is. It's below three thousand that sort of thing so. I don't think it's a great tell i actually think the chinese have probably done a good job holding that much smaller equity market and relative tip to the s._p._x. Kind of stable. They're not being the one that they're seeing a lot of volatility coming from one way or another. Obviously a lotta listed stocks. Here are moving around a lot. What's on your screen at seven a._m. A._m. Yes so the first thing i would look at his alibaba. It's a company we own. We like it. It's back down to one hundred sixty four bucks but with alibaba you're getting part amazon part. Pay pal all part grub hub all with three times the total addressable market so that's what we're watching quick on yours. I think ultimately what are the related traits be careful with european luxury stocks l._v._m._h. H those have been very tied to this over the last couple years. There's probably some risk there. All right up next final trades time for the final trade ten talked about some other names like this. One eighteen fits that you'll love. That's how i own it again h._b._o. Max is different drivers here lower eight farming farming yes. This is interesting name tougher green thumb g._t. It's a multi state operator. Even without legalization they had the opportunity to quadruple revenues the news over the course of the next two years and the c._e._o. Is the great the great grandson of the guy who navigated jim beam through prohibitions. Better chris brown housing stocks at great great dior. Portland is years and the c._e._o. Is the great the great grandson of the guy who navigated jim beam through prohibitions. Better chris brown housing stocks at great great dior. Portland is one of our favorite just broke out great relative strength. I think you only hear anything no. I'm gonna go with her own. Stock here that i said i think it's one of the best us looking again. The big kicker okay earnings went fantastic. They were just good enough in the stock gapped up. I think he used one twentieth. Stop to them. It doesn't rusty becker tomorrow. Five more money meantime don't go anywhere mad money which kramer starts right now

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