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Weather. Brought to you by Howard air with replace or repair. Call Howard air. I'm Becky Lynn on Arizona's news station. KTAR news. Here is on his afternoon. News with MAC and Gaydos. The big four at four at four at four. Mr stories. Story. Watts. By polish is to you. I apologize to the speaker. I apologize to our staff here at the house, and I apologize to the public. I want you to know that. I'm sorry. Pokhara? Well, I was dead stringer that was Representative David stronger, basically, saying full, I processed prostrate or you know, to all of you, please forgive me. I won't do it. Again, I won't be a racist anymore or I won't be a sex offender. You know? So so that was last week a Representative David stringer apologizing for his racist comments. And then the story. Well, it's not even the story. It's this man and what he's done in his past more came out last week. We found out that well there was a report in there was in one thousand nine hundred eighty three he had multiple sex offenses including child pornography against him. He pled guilty. So as we speak right now, there's something going on with down at the house with with the house. And I don't know exactly what the vote is for is it four to came out to. We know that we do know that. Okay. Lloyd talk to somebody down at the capitol. Okay. It is to expel wow. And state Representative David stringer kind of pled his case and move to the back of the room as the debate on motion to expel him from the state legislature. Whether they do that or not. This could all be a big show, and they could say, well, we voted, and it's it's it comes out that we don't expel him. And that to me would that would be disappointing. Okay. So we've got a democratic state Representative Reginald balding has moved to expel correct? The Republican Representative David so they're still debating that at the state legislature. Here's the thing after you know, about his race six racist comments. I mean, those were bad enough to make Arezzo governor Doug Ducey say, hey, the guy should quit. He should resign. Yeah. But then you've got what does he watch and child pornography nineteen Eighty-three possession possession, possessing it, I mean, goodness gracious. What more will it take to to to boot this guy? And I would just want you to think about one thing if they actually hold a vote on this, which they are expected to do how do you vote? We keep them. How're if you were Representative, and you're watching in you, and you've seen everything that's come out about this guy. How do you keep them because you know? That these representatives don't really they don't care about the people what they care about is their job, right? So you'll be the one that's the answer. Are they going to be the one that say I voted to keep the guy? I know he's a racist. And maybe a pedophile to keep them. Yeah. Because they don't want it to come back on them. And they're back. Well, again, better the devil, you know, than the devil. You don't better to say. And the vote says we keep them. Let me get the strand. You are saying that they are going to keep this, man. There will be you keep them because they would not want their background or something like that. Because then it's the slippery slope argument. Yeah. Well, I had a number of DUI is back in the day when I was in college, or I did something I was accused of this back in the day or whatever remember this goes back to nineteen Eighty-three and his record David stringers record was expunged by the state of Maryland in one thousand nine hundred ninety some how this came to light from the Phoenix new times. And now it's being brought up and of course, David stringer says I didn't I was not found guilty. I pled guilty. But I was not convicted. And it's expunged you ain't supposed to know any of this. So I disagree with you. I think that representatives there if they vote to keep them everybody's gonna know their name, and they're going to say you see that represent. Over there. They actually voted to keep this guy. And I think that would hurt them even more. We're just coming off a an argument. We're just coming off election. Yeah. That he will. He was where he did win all the racist stuff child pornography. I can't. Now, he may I don't see how you survive child pornography. I'm just thinking in the back of my mind. I don't know if they booed him because they don't want to set that precedent, which is which in my mind is gutless you need to do it. But they won't because they don't like going after one of their own. I don't know if they're going to do it either. I really I don't know. Yeah. I mean, I it's it seems to me it's a pretty easy, right? Thing to do is kick them out. Right. All right. So there's a vote going on Arizona lawmaker David stringer under fire not only for racist. And. You know, sex crimes come out from nineteen Eighty-three. It's unbelievable. Okay. So you're listening to the big four and four we bring you four big blockbuster stories over the span of twenty minutes. Right here with MAC and Gaydos. Big four at four big story too. The number of.

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