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It all back to Geelong money with Joe Slazenger your back it's jail on money if you've got a question would love to hear from you I hate to do send us an email asking jail at July money dot com or go to the website Jill on money dot com click on the contact us button that is what she did Gina says my husband and I are sixteen we been saving since we're eighteen but we've been business owners for all those years and so we have no company provided pensions by the way business owners there are things you can do so not for Eugene I because you're at the end of the of the line there but if you have a small business there so many retirement plans you can put in place you should really be talking to somebody sometimes a tax preparer can help you with the serve at C. F. P. the really good person to talk to okay yeah gene is as we want to find a financial calculator that could help us help us see where we sit at this time and determine whether or not we have enough money saved and can we slow down saving and have some fun you could always have fun by the way mark did you see that the employee benefit research institute also called D. B. R. II and they said that two thirds of Americans feel confident in their ability to live comfortably but only forty two percent have actually tried to calculate the numbers like I feel confident I mean it's grounded and nothing I don't know why that just made me laugh out loud I'm it says all work longer but you know only like six percent of people over sixty five are still in the work force I mean it's more than doubled where was but like to say that I'm gonna work longer and that's my retirement just doesn't always work out that way so Gina here's what I think I would do I would go to a couple different I let me wherever your money is held you can do some planning but you know if you look and I'm gonna just say this for everybody here that if you go to our resource section and Jill on money and you.

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