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At each other and said hey that a horse of a completely different color wet but everything aside and go all in on that so when when that happened we switch to la i said well then there's one guy you need to meet if we're going to do away there's there's one guy who mean so much more and would bring so much more value and that was magic so they an and they hit it off immediately in the three of us went into this knowing it was gonna be a great business deal which have turned out to be put the three of us are are very very passionate sports fans very passionate baseball fans very passionate about the dodgers in this market and and so for all of those reasons the great financial great economic deal but it was also a great social deal great for the city that we were able to restore the luster to this great historic classical brand but first and foremost it wouldn't be the same thing unless we unless we love baseball and love and they'll be and and loved what we could do for the dodgers as a team and fortunately that exactly how it has worked out that you've read since mark walters lived in high muzzle peter guber part of it he takes charity entertainment expertise todd boley also some guggenheim but helport was magic that gravitas that smile mean magic is probably the most beloved figure in la and coming lots of that freight mcchord ownership how integral was it to have him in boss well i thought it was very important magic and i have been friends for many many years through our days in the nba and other that dan and i will say now there is no one who represent winning an excellent to our customers to arfan the band of laws angela sport like magic johnson the body that he timbo is it that like no one else could you could take up all the bad you want taking your claim to how much you want to do or either get that magic and just by his presence there you're standing that message inec he delivered with us and gave us the credibility right away now if we hadn't had detailed plan typically hadn't followed through it wouldn't have work but he said us up in that prime position right from day.

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