President Trump, Mexico, House Judiciary Committee discussed on Rush Limbaugh


We got fifty five degrees at twelve noon. Good afternoon. I'm Jeff McKinney. The House Judiciary committee today voting to authorize subpoenas. So it can get a chance on the full. Unredacted Muller report judiciary chair Jerry Nadler says there's no room for negotiation over how much of the report his committee will see the committee must see everything as was done in. Every prior instance, obviously, some material will have to be redacted before it's released to the public to protect privacy to protect the various rights. Attorney general William Barr says redacted Muller report will be made available by mid April. The White House has President Trump has not been working on a specific timeline for his plan to shut down the US side of the border with Mexico. And now, he's signaling such a move is not imminent shutdown of the US southern border does not appear to be imminent. But President Trump insists his threat is still on the table. The president's rhetoric on this issue has shifted. He said he would close the border and Mexico didn't step up. It's effort on migrant apprehensions Tuesday. He said without providing evidence that Mexico had done just that. But now he's threatening to close the border. If congress doesn't act writing on Twitter, quote, congress must get together and immediately eliminate the loopholes at the border if no action border or large sections of border will close. Karen travers. ABC news the White House. The entire auto industry could be virtually shut down in a matter of days, if the US Mexico border should be closed. The Ann Arbor Michigan center for auto motive research says auto parts, come into the United States from Mexico. Thirty seven percent of US made partnership to Mexico center says a disruption in that supply chain could meet in the shutdown of factories as well as larger production operations negotiators reportedly coming closer to a deal on ending the trade war with China. The financial times reports the two sides of settled about ninety percent of the outstanding issues, but they're still going back and forth over how to. Put the deal in place and how to enforce it. Chicago's mayor elect is out thanking voters today after a commanding win yesterday hours after her big win. Mayor elect Lori Lightfoot says she plans to follow through with her campaign. Message to end the corruption in city government, and she says she'll deliver a more transparent government as for meeting her predecessor spoken with mirror manual.

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