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Inventing their necks digital currency polish patchy match haul of all ages phil gum not getting all by shellfire are offered eighteen million dollars on watching it a laptop to putted oxide him on a fiddle weather is not an innovation end of things like once again industry purity's obsessed sean at wanna know all about it and none of tom to the radio show and try to figure out news you have to choose here like like bob dylan says you've got to serve somebody i serve the news and information warfare not not financial stuff i've experts like you on but but what are the issues with now these cryptocurrencies being show gigantic wall what are the problems if we you know if if you're going to rover 7 billion people have smartphones than you want digital currencies immune the leadership is one a digital currencies for decade you got to build the train tracks naked trending rights to sue the here's the thing i could higher i could trying to hire all the top software developers in the world and all the top hardware guys in the world and pay them a fortune it's much cheaper for me to engineer in a were run up in the price gif of doing it and then the shin period is over land use shut him down in nu takeover which the central bank's ultimately will do so it's very very clever end the reality is the price can go much higher if you look at what needs to be right now blocked chain is not scalable to the extent that they need it on an economic news in troy eligible launch of bitcoin you know i know max geysers a nice guy you've even evolve with some of.

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