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6 35 on Wall Street John stanchion has the Bloomberg sports update Nathan Aaron Boone asked to sum up the heading exploits of Toronto slugger Vladimir Guerrero Ginger he called it otherworldly What a night for Guerrero home run to straightaway center field in the first inning two run shot in the third a double in the 6th all that off Garrett Cole and then a 443 foot home run off Jonathan the white civility and off the 8th The second three home run game of Guerrero's career Toronto won 6 to four Yankees in defeat at three solo shots Anthony Rizzo and Aaron judge went back to back series of the home stand ending tonight mets are up they finished a strong 5 and two road trip with a 9 6 win at Philadelphia game where they held on after leading 8 to one Home opener tomorrow versus Arizona they will unveil the Tom Seaver statue Clayton Kershaw missed much of last season to the injury made his first start of this season in Minnesota our old 7 perfect getting 13 strikeouts only 80 pitches They took him out 6 outs from the 25th perfect game in baseball history in the twins broke up the perfect game and no hitter in the 8th inning Rangers won 400 in Philadelphia the shutout for Alex Georgia John Stanton were Bloomberg sports All right John thank you we're at 6 36 on Wall Street now want to get more on the breaking news involving Twitter Elon Musk offering what he says is his best and final offer to buy out Twitter in a hostile takeover bid offering $54 20 cents per share Dan Ives is with us this morning Analyst at Wedbush securities who follows Twitter and Tesla to not to mention very closely Dan good morning your reaction to what we've heard so far from Elon Musk on Twitter Yeah look this is a Game of Thrones And obviously once the situation happened with Twitter and the board and must not joining this became hostile bid situation And it was a view that he would increase his stake He was going to step it up He basically went all in $54 Look at this premium I mean it's going to put the back against the wall I mean I think at this point it looks like Musk is likely going to own Twitter Do you think he sticks with that premium Look and the thing is the premium is it a point where I just do not see any other bidders And I think Twitter board never in a million years start to be in a situation where I must actually buy the whole company himself In the filing that must be like okay this is the final offer or I could potentially leave the story and sell my shares So there's going to be significant shareholder pressure on Twitter from a fiduciary perspective And it really just speaks to Musk didn't view this as kind of playing around in terms of Twitter as a platform and this would be to really third pillar along with how soon SpaceX in terms of his ecosystem and obviously just vast ownership You've called this the Game of Thrones You mentioned that earlier how do you think Twitter's management reacts to this hostile takeover potential bid To put out the standard letter that they'll look at the bid in which they have to do And then likely they'll probably do an active process See if there's any other bidders I mean they'll go around the world We'll confront any of their bidders besides Musk But if you look at this premium and what he's going to pay and obviously being richest person in the world he could do it himself I mean I think this is just a matter of time to Musk on Twitter In the letter he said that Twitter will neither survive nor serve its societal imperative in its current form He says he does not have confidence in Twitter's management and does and thinks he can't change the public or he doesn't think he can change the company in the public market In our last minute here Dan what kind of changes if this bid does go through and Elon Musk becomes majority stakeholder what kind of changes do you think he will actually make at Twitter Well look the real changes are the monetization The advertising the subscriber growth of the platform I mean that's why we're even in this situation as Twitter has fallen back in terms of the social media platform relative to Instagram TikTok and others They look in terms of the freedom of speech and that gets into a tight wire act right Because that is going to be something that investors want to know how he ultimately strategically is going to change Twitter And right now to be there's more questions and answers But all investors are focused on our four numbers 5 four two 54 20 for a stock that was in the threes Yeah And right now in the pre market Twitter is trading at 51 70 That's a surge of 12.7% from yesterday's close Dan Ives Wedbush securities as always great to get your thoughts as we continue tracking the breaking news Elon Musk with a hostile takeover bid for Twitter as Dan mentioned $54 20 cents a share Elon Musk says that's his final offer Stay with us much more to come as Bloomberg daybreak continues this is Bloomberg The mystery seal is back at JCPenney Hurry in store for 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