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I hope there's a fight of the night. Because i do think quarantine low and benitez even though it was one side of the times i don't like giving his moments. Benitez knocked down in the third. I mean it was certainly a spirited fight. I i'd like to see them. Get a fight of the night bonus. I did think it was a good fight. Though again. very much showcase for corn philo. And then i think if you're the ufc you're gonna give me shia the bonus to come back. It's a great story. You won't give him the bonus. Because jeremy stevens is the boy a lame oceanus was was a little weird now. Yeah thirty seconds thirty seconds. Tko those to do. That was a weird finish. Though i hate it. I hate it finished. You hate that. I hated to stop it. But i generally hashtag girl stoppage hash stoppage hundred girl stoppage most was gonna win that fight with the next. Yeah yeah she wouldn't finish in under a minute. But i feel kane'ohe deserved opportunity when she got knocked down labor fucking. I'm talking about now. She got knocked down. She never never is always. We're looking at the most the most and she got up and she got up immediately. She didn't take any grandparents shots. She got dropped all. She did people when people get dropped going forward. I don't know russ get weirded out. But she was moving forward. She got dropped punishment. Should go forward rather than falling back but Bad stoppage but the most clearly is the better fighter and a absolute beast and she will be a top five star way very soon and she will be i was. I was a poor title for the next year and a half on the replay. The left like the second ashes falling forward the left hand connected. Just a rocked. Cohoes head i. It looked a lot worse on the replay. So i'm gonna slightly defend chris down here a man who some so. We'll call on the past and say it was right there. He kind of offense off for the left hand was and maybe he'd see but it was beard how they help sprang immediately after and not sprang up on a wobbly wit she sprang up and it was like of like ends like circling intelligently. It was very strange clearly again i. I do think she'd been flash kayode. I don't think she was aware that she got knocked out. She just though damn tough but yeah the optics of it for us from the other side or even like watching from home of course is like it did look like a really really really fast stoppage. But i'll say on the replay. Maybe maybe referee cristiani. And i had a bit better than you but just because the very next fight which wasn't by cristiani was done by the got the beer beltran mc beltran. Yeah yeah he. He reffed rodriguez and parsons. Yes parsons surgery worth beating. And i thought this oppor- but like the beating that guy took for the same type of knockout loss but that's a sport we over this every week and i was like i don't get it but be the way. It was early stoppage but not stoppage. That can who's going to come back and win that by the most. I thought she was a better fighter coming in and she by leaps and bounds. I don't. I don't know if we're going to get a fight of the night i'll give it to delay moshe. I'll give it to game rats. Yeah it's not going to be both market chef. In tate's it's going to be one or the other. I don't understand why those aren't performance bonuses both of them because it was just domination on both parts. So i'll go me show. I say islam does not get a bonus. Even though we probably should. And i'm going to say billy q. Gets the fourth bonus. Money benitez though Videos nobody either be vicious meeting vicious beatings and to this fine short notice we so we will we will update you in the bonuses. Come in and we'll see who's who's correct and who is not correct. Yes mutate great performance. I thought she just looked so common their like she looked at home. That's that's the the as soon as she was getting introduced by burst. Buffer on mike. There's i mean there's like those natural nerves you have before like getting into a fight but at the same time like me. She just looked like she belonged there. She looked at home. Did you agree with that. Ak did you get that sense immediately that this was not a bridge too far. This is the right decision like she is back for the correct reasons. Yeah and i didn't wanna go all michael cole on it but i was almost going to tweet out this. This is vintage michel tate was really like we saw some And i said. I want credit our boy who was the tweeted. Anyone stealing someone's thoughts here Some some so-called a major. They said man. It didn't look like she been out for five Like five weeks much less five years. You know what i mean like. She looks shula sharp and again wanna all. She fought a forty four year old. She fought a fighter whose was planning to retire anyway. And that's not what they pick. The opponent wisely. They picked the opponent carefully a skilled fighter. A tough fighter. Marano had never been finished before But someone who who should take a strong performance against if she was at the top game if she was even seventy five percent of like you know of her prime she could have this kind of performance and she did. She looked great. The job striking looks really tight. The jobless rate is incredible shape and then of course the wrestling has been their whole career and she went to it and she went. That's finished the fight so it could not have. I don't think this could have gone better for her. I would agree your thoughts on misha's return casey Perfect perfect perfect match making She fought i mean. I don't mean. I don't wanna renault's a tough out but she also was a now. She's on fire losing streak. She's forty four. She's clearly done in our prime and this was just smart. Matchmaking by partake may take look great and now is you know gonna being nunez or is going to be no that she got up there. Can she beat asthma lad or donna. Aspirin is coming back next week or whatever. So we'll see how that goes but I'm not sold. I'm not sort of a be like a champion..

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