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Minutes after the hour with but it's got the news with recommending terrible as a return to the days of the second and then there's this has world which are the rights to make monopoly of the board game of come out with their own monopoly socialism game and obviously this is a pro capitalist said the three of us log line is by the cold winning for the capitalist or winning by the capitals winning is for capitalism's or so this this is a up a parity on social is on the left is the way they're they're in and and a poor Frank that the you would have a game of mocking socialism a history professor at Rutgers Nick could pour a label the board game mean spirited and woefully ill informed and the course Ted Cruz jump to the defense of the toy making dried up through the company came under fire a call why is sold lefty academic so of fear pointing out the manifesto orders of socialism cruiser they all have of that as well addition are you as as are addition of these Germany addition or we get a university edition you can add to the magic mercy of mud logic money tree rather than give everything freed anybody who wants a nobody works studies renovates and everybody gets a day and the the again I think this would be a great gift for any millennial of their of the monopoly the socialism addition winning is for capitalism I think I love the token several of the organs are used to get the football in the race car and the dog and when you play monopoly of the tokens now or a typewriter an old time phone a pocket watch a phonograph eight two televisions all because obviously socials missile incredibly updated bullet rules you know they're they're gonna you know they don't like criticism and they don't like the you know any kind of a push back or what have you particularly if you're a professor you know in an older respects we we have some nice profession that we like here in Baltimore Dr Richard that she's right but there are a lot of them out there on our college campuses the day that the bill say outlandish things and if you count of them for you criticize them all home why gosh you know it's like in York committed a mortal sin yeah I think we have one answer for if I were of what to do with story has one here I found it don't know professors a college professor in Iowa Billy to clear his support for NT four after coming under fire for inflammatory social media posts that include the desire to bash president trump with a baseball bat Jeff Klinsmann adjunct English professor of nearly ten years are Kirkwood community college in cedar rapids US quote I affirm that I am and T. for I used to be on his comments on his personal pages cities willing to apologize to the Christians offended by them but he did so I affirm that I am anti for seeing what evangelical Christians are doing to this country was people fills me with rage and a desire to exact revenge they talk about attacking trump quote yeah I know how I'd like the clock with the bad and then radical of these the the the was George I'm I'm sure he's going to get a nice little secret service was a but I think the president needs to declare anti for domestic terrorist organization and that way that'll help universities weed themselves out of this riffraff molded saying that a good while and also the drug cartels right.

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