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Protect your job we've seen these. Cases where it's no vaccinations no medicine no information and I hope in those cases it's easy to judge it. Gets, a little bit tougher I I've been conflicted before, like the, doctor said. About whether doctors offices should fire the parents for their. Decision because what are you then. Doing I I have a tough time of that w if I'm gonna put other kids, in harm's way when they're in the. Process of getting fully vaccinated while someone is going to be defying in his not listen to me I. Think it's a very dangerous situation, I think that's the biggest problem that we're seeing is that one person's decision is then affecting so many so what Choose to not. Vaccinate your children and then keep them in a bubble and, I'm not saying that there have not been stories of kids who have been who have been their parents have chosen to not vaccinate them and they've lived completely normal. Lives the unfortunate side of it as we know what. Happens when a child who not immunized gets around other children and how quickly those things. Spread and you hear the stories at. Children with debilitated immune systems children who have cancers who can't go out, to school or candle out in public because their immune system has been. Degraded, and these children than put them at risk and it's just it's almost like a ticking time bomb and there are people out there who pray and individuals who don't have as much information you are cruel when you, do this if you wanna present the. Side and have other people present the counter but to individuals who don't have access to as much information. And you Put this out as if it is a given that. Is borderline criminal if not criminal let me get to a couple more a couple, more texts here one size does not fit all parents choice, without a question somebody talking about. The flu shot never gets the flu shot where people get sick there are people do that I get the flu shot I feel better getting. The flu shot people talking about the rabbit holes that are, out there not Sania musicians or one percent for sure the cause autism but you can't say it's one percent not the cause I'm saying for my child it was. Not I'm saying the over over overwhelming amount of evidence. Says it is not Andrew Wakefield has been debunked he is a frog he is a. Scam artist I go with top credible. People find me a top credible person who buys this in it's backed, by science and I'm willing to look at it thirty four past one It all starts with..

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