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Go ray also detained himself during the long hot summer days down there and they were seen walk out alive john lomax and his son alan spent years in the south collecting african american folk and work songs from prisons lead billy really like to saw he was sort of a a musical spawn she his whole life he was on a guy played guitar and colors much he was one of the most important people the twentieth century forest focus music goes you know just because he did he save semi she disc gathered early songs it here and recombine them into thanks you take some melody her in memorize it bring it back and kind of play within a little on beg no that net unity then led belly came at playing his telstra guitar in rowdy buyers and on street corners in northwestern louisiana he liked to fight so much so that that's the reason he wound up in prison twice once for manslaughter and ones for attempted manslaughter he spent nearly twenty years in prison chaingangs singing god he would work again so much in fact it was in a prison in louisiana that the lomax his first recorded lead belly for the lome access he was an amazing find a folk singer who loved the blues lead belly could do gospels see shanties children songs pop and so when he was released they hired him as their driver on these trips around the country recording prison songs including rock island line so he picks up the song with john lomax share dumb machino he's got he's added a twozone repertoire and he's out of this entire wrap at the beginning about this guy trying to fool the guy the depot agent those violent off the fli the way the voted on an annual on talk over there he's telling audiences at the depot agent at the switchboard.

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