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Be celebrated that way if if this happened in his eight hundred eighteenth year playing basketball. But it's amazing and it's great that it happened after because we got the Kobe the midst or we got to see Kobe. Bright the husband. We got to see Kobe. Bryant the father and early on in the week it was about what was his basketball legacy. Today we get to talk about. What is his legacy as a man? The things that he begin to do began to do once. Basketball was over a passion that I thought I would never see matched in anything else in life. He matched it in retirement. He matched it with his passive for his family for his girls for his wife. And for everyone else and he he lost his life doing something something that all of us and a lot of us do every day which is taking care of people we love and I think it's beautiful. It's beautiful as it is said is beautiful the phone but that's what makes it hurt so much because if you know him and to see the transition that took place people. People don't realize that Kobe Bryant mentally emotionally over so many years as a player felt somewhat imprisoned because he was constantly constantly having to live up or exceed expectations. He did it and then when it stopped when he was playing when he had fulfilled those expectations and it was over his life belong to him and so from that point forward he was free to give back. He was free to express the spouses words of wisdom. That helped so many people to me. What makes me so sad at him? Being gone not just for his family but as it pertains to him is that to know him to know is to know how much more not only that he had to give but was willing to give any had so much time to do it because he was only only forty years old. What what I what I? There's a song that comes. They play on Christmas a lot. Have yourself a merry little Christmas. And if you hear this lyric feel the same way about your late brother Stephen a foot I think of my brother Sam when the lyric comes on through the years as we all will be together if the fates allow and I wish the fates would have allowed Kobe and all of us of course but with this makes me think of especially elite. Is His family no question. Let's continue to uplift them with the power of prayer and obviously respect their privacy. Because that's all we can do. How do you judge someone not by what they say by what they do? We're a nation of doers. What's my Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information business from scratch mayor of a diverse progressive city. Mike Bloomberg rebuilt after nine nine eleven creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs improving healthcare and public schools. Now he's running for President and Mike's the change. We need from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in facts and data from divisiveness to someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself self accountable for results. Might Bluebird knows how to leave to build to deliver to do. He'll win and unite this country. Mike will get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve this message because we need to deliver on the promise of the American Dream Paid for by Mike Bloomberg Twenty Twenty Geico presents left brain versus right brain after much deliberation. I've decided we should switch to GEICO. Sounds good to me. We could save hundreds of dollars on her car insurance. which now just guy in here we can reinvest those funds into my business idea? not this again. I get some investors on board. Nobody is going to invest in dental floss. Made of Turkey jerky okay. Not with that attitude. Wow GEICO fifteen minutes could save you percent or more Cleveland's compels the niners at all those down down Koets here a man that needs no introduction Chris Steve Harvey. Let's go to clean this whole tail. Usually Stephen is the fashion police. But this is what money looks like. I mean absolutely. I saw your shoes dress. I can't take unreal a war this to honesty for being one of the best dress sports. Caster but Max Kellerman this boxing knowledge in his dressing skill. Gill has risen considered and I must honored and all this is put together by one of the most knowledgeable graceful women on on all of television. Oh my gosh skates. Here's your grace's amazing. Thank you we are going to get into all that good stuff with you in just the moment. But he's going to debate us. I know I told you Stephen a right makes you WANNA step your game up there unreliable. Okay cash money cash money. Stevens is not bad. I'll start with you even as checking himself out films Galvao Miami who can least afford a bad super bowl easily. Patrick should mahomes because mahomes never had a bad game in his career. You would assume some point at some time. Someone's going to have a bad professional performance. Mahomes never for has he's only he's gone from like excellent to the best we've ever seen in somewhere in between weekend and week out. The cheese can't win if Patrick Mahomes has has an off day and the niners have one of the best defenses in the league. Have One of the best chances to have them have an off day. I just don't see it but that's the Dude Jimmy G.. He can be less than his best self. If the niners defense balls out you know they can still potentially win. If Patrick mahomes decides to have a bad performance for the first time it's a rather than the person who can least afford the person who can least afford to have a bad super bowl is Richard. Sherman here is interesting first of all patch. Patrick Mahomes Patrick mahomes football. He is throwing to all world world receivers tyreek Hill. McColl Hartmann is no joke. Sammy Watkins is not true. Okay we get all of that but it was Richard Sherman who was in the news recently recently being called out by the great derail Rivas who basically challenged them and said you just zone in. You're going to have to man up in this particular particular Super Bowl because you've got a bunch of great receivers that you're going up against and we go see what you got. Because I've traveled. I did what I needed to cover. Nobody right side left side spot it. It didn't matter that's what a corner. Dion Sanders Brahms. Tom Degraded ever lamented. The fact that you had God that that position going out going I went after each other verbally and I totally agree with him. I don't think it was right for the real reebus to call out Richard Sherman like that but since he did and since we heard what he's A. Hey now you're Richard Sherman who basically was in a press conference before the railway was called them out talking about how I've done this. I've done that. I locked down. People interceptions completion percentage against me is pretty low. These are all the things that I've done. Who else is doing that now? GOING UP GETS MONSTERS IN THE SUPER BOWL coming coming for you because we know Kansas City ain't going to beat you running the football. It's going to be what Patrick Mahomes. Throwing the football. Richard Sherman cannot have a situation where we're looking at him and saying you got roasted in the Super Bowl that can happen. I don't believe it will happen because I believe that brother but that can't happen because if it happens pinch his reputation might be stayed to a degree. Well we're actually questioned hall of fame credentials. Not Me but people do that. You can't stop the passing game of Kansas City for four quarters. You can't do that. Somebody's GonNa get toasted somebody going to get the ankles. Broke somebody going to eat it. I don't want to I don't think Sherman's not having a good game is the worst thing can happen. I happen to agree with Max. I think Patrick Mahomes. You have to have a superb game because he is a Kansas City chief offers you can thank run somebody over there. They can help Sherman how he got. Have you know task somebody'll reputational. I think the one who can least afford it because that's where he doesn't have a great game reputational. It's Andy Reid Andy. Reid Jimmy J. Jay and no because Jimi to the Super Bowl. He had a good season. People can use that as a building block like he got there maybe he can win it going forward. He is on a good team. Good coach but Andy.

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